Friday, July 31, 2009

Old dogs,new tricks

Last night my buddy Bruce Cochrane and I went into Toronto's up and coming art district- Queen West to David K Gallery to see the work of two old friends. Wayne Cardinalli has been a production potter supplying gift shops across the province for almost 40 years. Announcement of new hand built/thrown work at a very prestigious Toronto gallery had me curious. He had a couple of black manganese glazed jars that I thought were exceptional and my hope is that he will take off on this new work.
My friend Judith Graham was also showing at K Gallery so it was a double hitter. We have a couple of Judith's pieces at home and I must admit to being a fan of her work for a long time. Her work did not disappoint and neither did her apparel. Judith always commands attention with her excessive jewellery and lady of the night pumps. Check out these shoes.
Pictures are of Wayne and his work and Bruce and Judith and her work..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A rose between 2 thorns

Here is a pic of His Nibs surrounded by alligator wrassler Randy Brodnax and Sir Robin Hopper- if I just ain't a rose between 2 thorns then this is the 3 Mudkateers. Robin is a former actor and is best while in costume. John Britt could be a Elton John's double in this picture except that his pleasure is good looking women. One of the women being Robin's better part Judi Dyelle. Had to throw in this pic of me lowering a lid on one of my rolls and being photographed. Papparozi are everywhere at Missa. Another nice shot of the view that surrounds you at the studio.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Art is everywhere

We had a tour of Robin Hopper's garden at Chosin Pottery. It is really a sanctuary for people to wander and view art and nature. Understanding the garden helps me to understand the brushwork on Robin's work. I came home with a very nice parabolic bottle that I think is a fine example of Robin's work. In his introduction of me he mentioned a friendship that spans over 30 years. I knew he was turning 70 but I surely can't be over 42.
I just have to show you the progress of one of my students. Linda in her introduction said she had never thrown more than 5 lbs of clay. here is a pic of her with 25 lbs well under control. I allowed her the use of the Giffen grip to hold her bat in place since she had no bat pins. The grip for the scale we were working on would be pretty much useless for trimming.


The view from the ceramics studio was hard to take. On any given morning you'd see deer, river otters, seals, eagles, raccoons, heron and there was even a bear sighting. There are even cougars in the area but the only ones to be seen were the women in my class swarming around a young guy named Diago from Costa Rica. All the ladies made him comfortable- go-go Diago! Here is some of my first days throwing. the plan was to start bigger and get smaller but once the class got a feel for big they wanted to keep it up. Truth in the saying -size matters. Here is my room mate Joe Brescha doing naked raku with his class and a kiln load of test tiles from John Britt's class. It was a pleasure to see these guys in action.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Man on the run

this is life on the road. Firstly, it's the airports where the water fountains don't work and they charge $2.75 for a water and $12 for a beer. Yep, I had a Stella for $9.96 and left a $2 tip. With a wait over in Calgary of 3 hours I felt like a beer. Here is the airports answer to the Dollar Store. It's the under $20 shop. Here is a pic of my dorm room at Missa Metchosin International School of the Arts

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Raku- The Black Velvet Painting of Ceramics

It's Sheila's final class of the year with her gang from Mohawk College. A raku pot luck was the event that was held at her student Audrey's house in the pissing rain. Audrey has a lovely location on the Niagara Escarpment right on Stoney Creek and has great kilns for raku. Lisa who is the pro at raku was the firing captain for the evening and did a great job. The students pots were glazed with all these sexy glazes like Rainbow, Crusty Copper, Pearl and gold lustre. It's not hard to understand why raku is so intoxicating as the pots are instant and glittery like costume jewelery. Check out Dave's redneck garden shed. It's a beauty!