Sometimes I just want to cry

I ain't showing you my face. I ain't showing you the pots. My cousin Brenda fired my shino pots in the gas kiln and started reduction after Cone 04. Well, I have never seen pots as ugly as these in my entire career. Doing a count on retail values it totalled over $4000.00. Sometimes I just want to cry.
So my friend asked me the other day" Do you ever get tired and feel like quitting?" Well this was one of those days. It wasn't the first and I doubt it will be the last. I don't think anytime in the near future will I be walking on water or turning water into wine. Being a potter is a humbling experience. It sure is a lesson on how to take your lumps.
My friends Emma Smith and Duncan Aird refired a jug in Queen Anne this weekend to see if my pots can be salvaged. Mr. K was on the crew so I know the jug was fired by some of the best. I've slept in tears before so this just adds to a life time of heart breaks and hallelujah's .
This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. We eat all the big fat turkeys and leave the scrawny ones for our friends down south to eat in November. I get my hand job on Friday so I better hit the studio hard tomorrow and get some pots made. No telling how long I'll be nursing a sore hand.
Notice the orange slippers my friend Chris made me. It's cold and wet here in The Promised Land and my feet were frozen. Time for me to start worrying about keeping the wood dry for The Champ. 3 months and I'll be off to Italy. I'm already missing this crazy place, my friends and the routine that I am so accustomed to. I just may want to cry when I hit the runway and leave this life for 3 months. 


gz said…
getting other people to fire your work can be a hit or miss affair...hope they can be refired.
Best of luck with the hand op..and keep those feet warm!

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