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The Ride not the passenger

I like being the ride and not the passenger. I don't want to ride on the back of anyone's horse, motorcycle, or car. Since this is a pottery blog I have to say I like having my own kiln. I set the schedule, the duration, the atmosphere, and I pick the riders. I like riders not passengers. As we all know wood firing is not a spectator sport so I like people that show up and push hard. My country is half on fire at the moment and the rest of the country is a dustbowl. We were warned not to do strenuous activities today because of poor air quality. Firing the kiln at Pinecroft is on hold right now as the entire province of Ontario is under a fire ban. Pinecroft is situated in 55 acres of pines with hundred year old tinder dry buildings so for now unless The Universe unleashes a million dollar rain we are in a holding pattern. I'm a rider not a passenger so I will figure out a way. I have a wonderful gas Geil kiln just begging me to fire. Today we rode 74k round trip to Knecte

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