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Brown Down

I have often been told I got brown down. It is comment about brown pots that lack the pretty colours of flowers and the bright lights of New York City. . This brown pot has an energy about it I know exists and only some would recognize. I know it was made on my Lockerbie kick wheel and fired in my train kiln on it's side. I know it was the kick wheel because of the slow moving finger marks. It had feldspar chunks wedged into the clay so throwing fast would have ripped my hands to shreads. This pot was in the collection of my friends Ron and Hester Meyers. They moved into town and left their bigger home and studio in the country. The house was full to the brim with pots including Voulkos, Reitz, Simon, Audio, Hindes and many of the All Stars of Clay as well as many of pots from those in the mud pits wherever they travelled. Anthony Schaller Gallery provides a service for the secondary art market. In other words they sell peoples collections for them. It is a valuable service for t

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