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Old friends

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver the other is gold.I'm packing to go into Northern Ontario for some tonic of cycling, kayaking and fishing.  I'm taking along some old friends. I am learning to be more than a potter.My favourite t-shirt that I bought in Athens, Georgia with Hester Meyers probably 8 years ago. It is a Patagonia t-shirt that cost me $40USD. It was the most I ever spent on a t-shirt. It became like a hockey players lucky underwear or a baseball players favourite socks. I always wore it when driving in the US. I thought it was a guardian angel of travel like Raphael. I need a new pair of Patagonia shorts as I have learned they include a secret label "Vote the a-holes out!" I will continue to pay for Patagonia products if I can't find them used. 
I am also packing my Springwater Packers orange ball cap. Aunt Nancy gave me a new one at Christmas but don't tell her I don't wear it. I love the orange one.  Somebody told me I'm …

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