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Men's Underwear Theory

This post is for good hard ass rockin potters - Emma Smith and Allison Coles Severance. Allison wrote to say she missed my blog posts and Emma provided the inspiration. Allison thanks I'm struggling with my clay and writing mojo. A couple of weeks ago Emma and her squeeze Jesse Black came over for a socially distanced lunch at their outdoor wedding table that Jesse built. I told Emma " You are one of the best at selling my work because you like it!" She answered " I don't sell anything in my shop I don't like!!!!!!!!" Boom!!!!!!!! this is a statement about who you are, what your home looks like, the people in your bubble and more. Some retailers use fine craft as a back drop for gifts made in sweat shops and cranked out manufactured cheap items that allow 3-500 percent markups. So here is the Men's Underwear Theory. Some people would sell men's underwear if they thought they could make money on it. They don't love men's underwear bu

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