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Exploration, Conquest and Colonization

This weekend I am leading rather a gentleman's life with lots of relaxation and just nipping into the studio for rare moments to relive the life of Italy's Chris Columbus. My life as a potter has been a bit like Chris's- exploration, conquest and colonization. Well, I've done a lot exploring and I have won a few and lost a few in the conquest department as for the colonization I am still searching for The New World. On this long journey across the Atlantic I'm going to have a long talk with Chris and suggest this idea of slavery be abolished. Not a good idea, Chris.
I'm building the Santa Maria for Chris and I to set sail to America in about 6 weeks.  My time machine is set at 1492. In the ballast I am going to fill it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and no firewater to ruin the lives of so many of the indigenous peoples. They have to promise though not to introduce the wicked fire weed that so many here still seem to be sucking on. One of the funniest sketches on …

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