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It's been a week today since we set up for The 260 Fingers Invitational Show in Ottawa. I haven't even unpacked my pots yet. Where did the week go???? A day trip home, a couple days packing and administrivia for the virtual sale.
Yesterday we took  taken possession of the new Splitfire wood splitter.

My parents had a plaque in the hallway "Ve get too soon oldt and too late smart." 33 wood firings all hand split wood and now the Splitfire arrives. We had to get a custom splitter because the wood we get from the Amish is 36" long and we need this length because of the long throw into the firebox. This thing is a beauty powered by Honda (yaaaaa Honda). One pull and away you go. I can put five pieces high in the splitter and it doesn't even sputter.
It's wet and snowy here so it still ain't a holiday in Paris.

I get most of my pottery wardrobe from NCECA, tool companies and now I got a new hat and T from Splitfire. Of course, I asked it is what I do. Spe…

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