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Featured People with Energy

I can't wait to travel again!!!! ENERGY is a big word in my vocabulary. I like places that exude ENERGY, I like people that exude ENERGY. I like pots that exude ENERGY. I like work and exercise that exudes ENERGY. I want to surround myself with ENERGY to give me even more ENERGY. I met David Trueb in Italy while I was teaching a 3 month intensive couse at La Meridiana. Some people give off an energy that you are attracted to. David and I immediately clicked. I knew our meeting was part of a plan The Universe had cooked up for the two of us. He visited me here in Canada and the dialoque began of putting together an Intensive Workshop at his beautiful studio in Portugal. His brother has a lovely hotel Tres Marias within stones throw and David being a ball of energy has already built his wood fired train kiln. Contact either me at or contact David at . Bring all your energy with you!

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