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Easy is getting harder every day!- Iris Dement

Forty years ago when I had a washboard stomach, a strong back and weak mind I could carry two boxes of clay up and down the stairs of my studio. When I approached 60 it was one and now a decade later I sometimes leave the clay outside at the top of the stairs and take one bag down at a time. Yes we get older but we hopefully also get smarter. In my days when I actually had a product line and stores waiting for orderes I could bang out 100 of these noodles bowls in a one day sitting. A day or two later 100 pie plates. Today a nice bike ride with my pal John, a nice breakfast together, a little gardening and I managed to squeak out 18 noodle bowls in an hour. I took a break from my usual madness of making what I want to make and thought about financing my surgical sabbatical. I'm not into using Japanese words that I can't pronounce. I'm going to use the words beautiful scar. I think I remember the Vikings whom are part of my ancestory felt a scar was a sign of bravery. I

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