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Ash and Barrel

Some years ago I got all grumpy about the quality of certain craft shows. My friend Emma Smith (too smart for her years) said why not just do the show and encourage other good makers to join you???? I knew she was right but I don't set out to change what is already working for some and not for me.
I banded up with Shirley Clifford and we pitched the idea of Bon Feu an Invitational Wood fire show at Shane Norrie Contemporary. Plans are underway for Bon Feu Deux in November at SNC.
Mr. K (Andrew Kellner) whom I consider a protege and a beloved family member has teamed up with Heather Smit and is pitching Ash and Barrel which may well be the best show of quality ceramics Toronto has seen in a loooong while. The line up of makers is pretty well everyone I'd want to own a piece of. To set the record straight I was invited but I knew I'd be exhausted from 31/2 months of teaching and not making a thing for me.
Andrew's brother is involved in the Marketing for Amsterdam Brewer…

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