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The Last Post

Well devoted readers thank you for 16 years of reading my blog. Some gooduns and some off the rail. All those bloggers when I started are long gone. I started this blog in 2007 when USU sent me to Jingdezhen, China to further my Mfa studies in the porcelain capital of China. I wrote the blog to keep in touch with my loved ones back in Canada. It was an instant success because China was sooooo interesting. Much more so than my sleepy town in Alymer, Ontario. Times have changed and so have I. Blogs have been replaced by Instagram instant gratification and Gawd knows what else in social media that I am unaware of. I spend half of my day preparing for or riding my bike. I see the sunset years setting in front of me and there are things and places I want to do and see. The blog will remain open as I don't know how to shut it down and who knows I might have something I need to share. Thank you for sharing this amazing ride with me. All the best, T

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