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Handles Mesiah

It's been awhile since I made boats. Boats for me are about life's voyage. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my life's voyage. It's been a hellava sail. I'm down here in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast so a marine reference in the work seems appropriate. Brian and I share a similiar narrative. Smooth sailing, rough waters, disappointments, elation and I think most of all an entrepreneurial work ethic. Oh ya a love of our jobs and the people that we have in our lives. I've made some cups, some jugs and a big roll so I wanted to make something for me. This ain't a demo piece. It's something that I can't do in my sleep. The jugs, cups and plates are easy for me. I have done them a thousand times maybe even a hundred thousand times. I'm gearing up my wee brain thinking of things I will make at The Bray next fall. Not sure I want to make functional pottery. It may be vessel related but I don't want to care if it pours, if it is foo

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