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Practice makes different

I'm not interested in practice makes perfect. Perfect is not a human characteristic and not one that I lust after. In Portugal this year I saw some huge wine jars with a small bottom and very broad shoulders. That form really resonated with me. Yesterday I set out to make some jars and on stepping back from them I thought they were bottom heavy. So the oldest critique trick in the book entered my grey matter. Turn them upside down. Better yet continue throwing a narrow enclosed bottom. Then when that sets up turn them over and complete the rim and throw a lid. These jars are a bit like bowling pins and I think tomorrow I will throw some stands to attach the narrow bottom to. I don't want people anxiously digging into their jar for their weed and knock it over. What seperates a maker from an observer is that the maker actually observes. The maker see how things are possible and does that!. I'm excited about this little discovery. Tomorrow I will brush on Mr. K's black s

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