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I should have been bad!

Music is probably one of the biggest influences in the blather I have written to you ove the past 15 years of this blog. The past 2 days on CBC's Radio Q with Tom Powers have had a couple of musicans that hit me right in the heart. It inspired a series of work concentrating on the circle of life which I have always made BOLD in my work both top and bottom. The circle of life isn't smooth for everyone. Some have a smooth childhood, smooth educations, smooth marriages and a smooth road all the way. Some have gravel roads, ditches and mountains to climb to get out of what life dealt them. I really enjoyed the articulate and introspective interview Tom had with Neon Dreams Frankie Kadillac. Incidently Neon Dreams won Breakthrough Band of the Year at Canada's Juno Awards. A very cool looking couple of dudes. In the interview it was revealed that Frankie's mum had been evicted from almost everywhere they lived for not paying the rent. He never knew where he would sleep or

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