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The Vine and the Branches

It was with great disappointment that The 260 Fingers Show was cancelled for this November because of Covid restrictions. Disappointing on a couple of levels for me. The chance to make some coin, the getting together with fellow makers, collectors and customers but mostly I was looking forward to this years line up of makers. At least half of the 26 potters were students of mine. They're still in the bizz after the shit show that this past few years have been. It makes me very proud to see their work. In many ways I care more about their success than my own. Of course I need to hang on too but they are younger with more in front of them than me. The sun is rising for them and setting for me. The sunset is really quite lovely though so I'm happy to be were I am. Amber was to be in 260 Fingers. I went to her studio show today in her beautiful studio and home in Normandale. The show is on Sunday too if you are within striking distance. I want to show you some of her work so that

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