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A dose of reality- Jugtown Pottery

I had a lovely visit at Jugtown Pottery yesterday and got an amazing tour thru what I consider a real pottery. I always had to apologize to Guild members that came to Pinecroft about the dirt on the floors, the clay covered ware boards, batts, pottery equipment and tools.
What a breath of fresh air for me to visit Jugtown Pottery where the craft of the potter has been practiced for generations where there are broken eggs to make omelettes.

At age 78 Vernon Owen still puts in a good day throwing these amazing large candle stick holders.

There is a wonderful museum on site and the kiln yard is the envy of any potter. I lost count of the groundhog wood kilns- I think 5 or 6 with just as many gas fired car kilns. The one large car kiln would take me 3 or 4 months to fill. The clay is dug locally and put thru a large hammer mill, put in a large Bluebird mixer and then pugged in one of two Venco de-airing pug mills.
Jugtown is a family affair with Pam, Vernon and daughter Bayle and son Trav…

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