Finding your own voice.

The other day on Instagram I posted some bowls I had made on Iddy Biddy the yellow treadle wheel. They had the signature bulge and a couple of gashes on the side. If I told y'all the reference is the ball park in Saxx underwear you'd never buy one of my cups. A person on Instagram asked how I made those marks? I thought about it for a day and then gave a kinda vague answer like I push out from the inside with my finger and then I make a gash on either side with a sharp rib. Basically that's what I do. I slept on my answer and thought of the answer I should have given. Here it is "Give your imagination permission to fantasize with abandon about all the wild possibilities of mark making. The possibilities are endless for creative people. I love the imagery of Ron Meyers and in particular the rat. Wouldn't it be odd if I asked Ron to teach me how to draw his rat so that I could make them just like him? When I was using stamps from MKM and using them in a workshop people ordered the stamp I was using and not the hundreds if not thousands of others they supply. This always disappointed me at peoples unwillingness to find their own voice. Here's some jars i made out in the heat today. It was over 90F but I'm still so thrilled to be outside with the flowers and birds.
The jars are bottomless and will be attached to these slab islands that have black sand and feldspar chunks. I may have to make some cuts to get them more jagged looking. Well I will have to confess this isn't a completely orginal idea so I'll let my halo slip. I remember some teapots and maybe jars of Chuck Hindes that had this island slab treatment. Imitate and then innovate.
On another note I am riding my bike in August to raise money to help fight kids cancer. Kids should be playing and not fighting for their lives. So if ya can spare a buck or two maybe the price of a good bottle of wine I would be thankful and the kids would be over the top grateful. Help kick cancers butt.


Cyndi said…
I always appreciated Chuck Hindes’ work. Good for you for helping with childhood cancers. Such an ugly disease. C.

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