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Chad Brown- Tony Clennell Intensive Month with Friends

I'd like to introduce you to Chad Brown. Chad will be teaching production techniques on the first week of my one intensive course at Starworks in March. Chad is a 5th generation Seagrove potter. His grandfather, Graham Christie, whose original log cabin clay studio resides in the Smithsonian Institution  in Washington, DC opened his pottery when Chad was 9. Chad absorbed a great deal from working alongside his grandparents.
Chad for many years worked as a journeyman potter for the potteries of Seagrove. He produced thousands of pots paid on a piece work basis. To break away from this and focus on his own work he did a go fund project were he produced 1000 mugs in 5 weeks and sold them for $25 each to raise the funds to build his monolithic kiln.
Chad is 100% pure southern character and my class will benefit from generations of mudslinging and story telling.  A fabulous potter and maybe one of the best kept secrets of the over 100 Seagrove potteries.

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