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Pass the collection plate!

Clyde needs help. He has lived his life making his critters and donating much of his work to charities that support children. I'm not sure how to explain Clyde Jones. In my world he lived a life of poverty of his own choosing. He turned down Baryshnikov and gallery shows in NYC. His work went to Paris.  He preferred his very, very modest home in Byno, NC.  When I say modest I am being polite. He told me of going to NYC for a show and "the people were really nice to me but I couldn't wait to get home." The tale is told that he attended the show wearing his "I'd rather drive a Chevy" ball cap. This is who I am! He was and is a celebrity in the folk art world but he chose to remain modest and humble. He knew the worth of his work but it wasn't for sale and neither was he. Man how many of us would not be tempted to cash in on the possible chances of fame.He did wear rose coloured glasses when painting. Rose coloured glasses are supposed to have you see…

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