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Phone my boss

Phone my boss and tell him I ain't going to be making no pots today, tomorrow or the next day. It is not because I had too much weekend, too much of the fun pile last night or that I am just plain lazy.
 I have this lunatic former student that convinced me to make a series of clay bird houses. Oh, who is the lunatic since I agreed to do it. I'm enjoying time away from the wheel and I'm having crazy fun cutting up slabs and pretending I know something about building.
I had made a couple a few years back but used 25 lbs of clay for each one and they are a tad heavy for the living room wall. The lunatic woman saw them and wanted one. I wouldn't give her one so now  I'm making two outta 25 lbs and they are much easier to move around. She has talked me into having a show of them at her new to be opened gallery at Turkey Point which is a bird watchers paradise.
I even thought I was Richard Serra for a moment when I put up a steel wall at the back of the house. His work i…

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