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The chicken or the egg

I was staring today at a piece I made a few years ago. I think I was in clearly a creative space. It is not functional. It is me building with clay. So this morning while eating my now perfected poached eggs on Amish toast I stared at this piece which I really quite like and wondered what came first. I looked at it and saw The Fisheman's Trail in Portugal that I just completed this year 2022. I saw myself standing on a rock cliff looking at majestic rocks and the Atlantic Ocean- next stop Fogo Island, Newfoundland. I saw myself at Brimsone Head in 2021, the end of the earth on Fogo Island. I really think these are two of my favourite places in the world. I haven't seen all that much of this wonderful world but these places rank up there for the places I've been. I have been to some pretty cool places China, Korea, the UK,America, Europe, America, and all of Canada. So does experience create the subject matter or does the subject matter come first and then we interprept it.

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