Friday, February 24, 2017

Doing Crack!

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. Winston Churchill.
I love old painted furniture with all kinds of cracks and blemishes. My home has it’s fair share of old painted furniture that I love. I got acquainted with chaulk paint and painted my kitchen cupboards gray and then white crackle and rubbed off the white to expose the gray underneath. It is little wonder that I am now involved with “antiqueing my pots”. What used to take me a day to do is now taking me two. I bisque, then apply crackle and then bisque again to Cone 020 so that I can rub in a cobalt saturated shino into the cracks and then glaze again for high fire. My promise of making a couple hundred dollars a month as a potter has now dropped to a poet’s wage. I forgot to pay my electricity bill before I headed to The Heart of Dixie for a month and arrived home to a threatening note. I paid it immediately since I don’t want to have to watch Netflix by candlelight.

Shane Norrie Contemporary is having a show of potters work on March 11th. I don’t think I’ll have new work unless these big jugs are killer.  I’m excited about this crack but I just got to land home long enough

to nail it.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Suffering from women’s guilt

I rolled in on Monday night from the Heart of Dixie and slept diagonally in my bed. I think I wanted to know the whole thing was mine. I spent Tuesday doing laundry, groceries, banking, and all the work a man is never done with.
Wednesday,  I could have used the entire day to do much of the same but I got a sudden case of women’s guilt. We’re having a wood firing. Is the bathroom clean? Are there enough groceries for everyone? Are the sheets clean and changed in the guestroom?
I need to get back to work in the studio after all I do make my living from my pots. So today I made 25,000 grams of my crack, 20,000 grams of my Aussie shino and 5,

000 grams of the Green Crystal liner glaze. I got the bisque going and glazed a few pots.
Uncle Donny dropped in to welcome me home. I appreciated that since although I love my town I have no artists here to hang with.

I will fire by Saturday if that satisfies you women that crack the whip.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Promised Land

I don’t know how many in the US looked at me in disbelief when I told them I live on the same latitude as Northern California. When y’all go to Portland for NCECA you will be northwest  of me in terms of latitude. It almost appears that 1/3 of the US is north of where I live. Yes, Detroit is north of Windsor, Ontario.
I live on Lake Erie which is that little bitty pink finger sticking down at the bottom of the map. We live in a Carolinian forest area that has many of the same trees as the Carolinas. No, I don’t live in an igloo nor is there any snow on the ground nor is my mail being delivered by dog sled. I have never seen a polar bear or sled pulled by dogs. We actually drive cars and the cell phone was introduced to us early this year (har, har)  and the neighbours all crowded around when my parents got their first colour TV . I think that was in !964.  
Travelling to other countries is an amazing thing to do. I highly recommend it!

Canada has been rated as the 6th best country in the world to live in. Who ever came up with that has every right to be wrong. Canada is the best country in the world to live in.