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The Cactus Lounge Book Club

The Cactus Lounge Book Club has a membership of one- me. I've been reading a book a week for the past month and it has been really enjoyable. I've been a reader all my life. It was the payment I got for working at my Uncle Jimmie's pottery. I could have any book I wanted so I made sure I got paid something for wedging clay, slip casting bowls and pansy pots. Oh yeah, they would take me out for Chinese food and a couple of plays each summer at the Stratford Festival. I somehow feel it is at Stratford I found a love of teaching- a stage and an audience.
My southern buddy Doc usually asks for a book  recommendation for his ladies at Christmas. Book lovers this is for you.
Educated by Tara Westover tops the list. Wow, I couldn't put that book down. I stayed up way past jammie time reading that one. It is so engaging, frightening and at times so uncomfortable. It about family loyalty and how sometimes you must sever the connection to be you.

#2 Bel Canto by Ann Patchett- I a…

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