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Scratch 'n Sniff

I'd like to begin by giving Bill Van Gilder a shout out for pimping me in his newsletter. Bill has over 6000 followers with his newsletter. I now have over 1 million reads of my blog. I can't for the life of me figure how the same 6 people could have opened my blog that many times. Thanks Bill, I actually sold a couple of copies of my book today. That million selling book has left me with a million copies in the cellar.  Bill had this blog title suggestion for me: ‘Scratch ‘n Sniff’ At first, I thought geezus he wants me to talk about the dirty disgusting habits of a male dog. He then added .... taking a risk in your work & seeing where it goes. During our visit to his studio on the sly he asked one of my students (how is Tony's course going?)  Her answer" Life changing!". Funny thing is I really just give students permission . Permission to make the marks that somebody told them they shouldn't make.  I stopped asking permission in about Grade 9. That'…

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