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Hangin' up my hat

Hanging up my hat for 2020? I have two handmade Art Fawcett fedoras - one for winter and one for summer. My summer straw hat has not been on my head in 2020. I wear it when I go out. It is my signature. I have previously gone to NCECA and had people drive by and yell out to me because they recognize me from my fedora. I have pretty well been on Bubble Island here in Aylmer. I don't think I've listened to soooooo much bad news in my entire life as I have in the past 4 months. Looking at my hat makes me wonder if it may be put away until summer of 21.If the Covid pandemic is a war then I also wonder if Canada will benefit as we did when the US was in Vietnam. We got many of our very best potters and potter educators during the 60's and 70's. They came to Canada as conscientious objectors. In the remainder of 2020, the US will not issue employment visas and that includes educational visitor programs. This is the perfect opportunity for Canada to attract the best and the br…

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