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Rat Infested!

Three weeks today I hop on a jet plane and head home to my rat infested Cactus Lounge. It's Sunday morning which is a day of rest where the studio is closed. I have the day to rest, read, relax and reflect.
I should be walking down to Clarke's Restaurant  in Aylmer for my heart attack on a plate. Bad diner coffee, eggs over easy, bacon, wheat toast and home fries. All I have in my fridge this morning here at La Meridiana is olives and cheese.
 Instead I walked the usual route along the ridge past The Lord's House to  The Pigeon House. The almond trees are in full blown, the daffodils bright in my favourite colour of yellow and what I thought was lavender turned out to be sage all nice in purple.
I'm missing my friends and the good times we have together. Jesse has been at The Lounge installing a new cement kitchen counter top for me with a beautiful tile back splash. He does such great work. There is always some nice detail that surprises me.
I can't wait to be alo…

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