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The Richest Man in the World

Life is not about things! It's about what you leave behind. It's about friendships, love, companionship, sharing, and personal interaction. It's not how many friends you have on FB or Instagram. My friend Emma Smith described them as potato chips not hamburgers. Potato chips are not filling, hamburgers are. Today we met as peers, friends,loved ones not Instagram acquaintance potato chips. I feel I may well be the richest man in the world. Many of my former students are my best friends. Yes, they are younger, they are more 21st century savvy than I but they still hang out with the old master. We don't just talk pots. We talk love, we talk friendships, we talk about ladybugs, there isn't much we don't cover. I taught both of these pals at Sheridan School of Craft and Design. They both took different paths. Emma Smith has been a potter/teacher that attended The University of Hard Knocks. Making pots and carving out an audience that adores her and her work. Amber

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