Friday, December 12, 2014

I've been found out!

Today in the mail I received this Superman t-shirt from Joan Ulrich. With the advent of cell phones I have been having a devil of a time finding a place to change into costume to help save the world. What is a super hero to do? Even with my yellow glasses I was spotted doing good in this world of ours gone crazy.
This kind gesture was a joke between Joan and I. It also speaks to me about the person behind the pot that I selected as Best in Show at The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia back in the spring. It is what you do when you don't have to that makes all the difference in the world. Joan had already won and cashed the cheque for 1000 clams. She had been there, done that and bought the shirt. This kind of follow through showed in the work. I have already explained in a previous post how Joan had paid attention to detail in every part of the teapot. There were details and surprises everywhere on that teapot that brought my approval. 
So Joan thank you! That surprise was Super Woman!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

You know me

Enough of the high drama politics of the Guild and their rules and regulations. It tires me and I want very little to do with it. I have a wood fire mentor ship sponsored by the Guild which means a great deal to me . I will do an awesome job of  that and then maybe I'll roll a seven and be gone, gone, gone!
Got an invitation today to the Akar Invitational Yunomi Show in Iowa City, Iowa. I have been in it before but was disappointed to not be included when I was in Hamilton doing e-ware. Glad to be learning to fly again. The show is a badge of honour really and not what I would call a money maker. 100 potters are invited to send 5 yunomi's to be sold online. Akar does an amazing job of this show and the pots are really top drawer. In fact Akar may be one of the best galleries in the country to shop for real pots. Here is a pic of a pink one!

Gargling Pesticide

Did you know if you use mouthwash in the morning you are actually gargling a pesticide? Do you have mercury fillings like I do? Do you drink a wee glass of wine at night

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

No holds barred critique

I am not sure why but I haven't been able to get my old buddy John Chalke off my mind the last two days. I was invited to the critique of the Sheridan College second year students yesterday. On my two hour drive there I thought of John and the importance of the critique. John gave me permission to say what I think about pots and to write. It was through John and the love of his life Barb Tipton that I was encouraged to write essays. I also attended a "No Holds Barred Critique" by John at the Harbourfront Center. He was soooooo kind to those that were new and enthusiastic. He was also absolutely brutal to those that thought their pooh didn't smell. He cut right to the bone and exposed what most of us thought but didn't have the guts to say.
I think that is a major problem at Art Centers, Guilds and pottery classes. Everything is pretty! Oh that is so pretty even if it is horribly crafted and aesthetically ugly. No one wants to be the fall guy.
I am proud to be part of the process at Sheridan. We have a fantastic faculty! We don't all agree but we have total respect for each other and the opinions put forward. The students benefit from our collective experience and
are very lucky indeed. The ceramics community misses you John.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dear Lord

What have I done? We have had a series of Intro throwing classes at Pinecroft. They are Saturday sessions where they start from scratch and try to end up with 3 thrown pieces. This morning one of my ladies just had a manicure and was laden with jewellery.  Rubber gloves were part of the equation. At this stage of my career surely I should teach someone that is willing to hawk the rings, buy a wheel and be willing to break a nail. Lord what can I do to reinvent myself??? I'll be good, I promise!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I'm doing my level best to get Emma Smith to Korea with me.  She is just starting The Jerseyville General Store and money is tight so here are some pics of some more of her work. She had some killer tumblers, lovely bowls, sweet little jugs  and a gaggle of bigger bowls and trays that are all a great start to collecting the work of a fine young All Star. So if ya could use a nice pot and can't be at her open house email her for a pic and she will send ya something sweet. email Emma Smith-
Here is a pic of Emma Smith and Andrew Kellner.  If I could pick two former students that epitomize good solid work ethic these two are contenders.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Work Ethic

Emma Smith- Ceramics
Support good work and good hard workers. I am very proud of my former student Emma Smith and her man Jesse.  These two have that rare

character trait that it takes to be self employed in any business and most especially the arts- work ethic. Emma has wood fired 14 times this year and her new shop The Jerseyville General Store is the perfect backdrop for this well made and quiet wood fired porcelain.  Treat yourself this weekend to meeting a fine young couple and take home a nice piece of Emma’s work. I use her bowl every morning for my grog.

Holiday Sale
Sat/Sun December 6 + 7
10am - 4pm
2633 Jerseyville Rd W, Ancaster ON
If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind, handmade gift for your
special someone (or your partner's boss?) look no further. Join
us for wine, snacks and beautiful handmade pottery. Check
out the work space and pick up some quality handmade gifts
for those on your shopping list. The nice country drive doesn't
hurt either!
289 - 828 - 1707