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We're all hucksters!

I'm at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts in an absolutely beautiful part of Ontario for a week of teaching.
I checked into my little cabin with some groceries and watched the deer feeding in the back woods. I wondered how Bambi might taste grilled to go along with my Caesar salad and Pino Grigio? I'm a bad man.
I have a rather large class of 16 minds to warp into believing the gospel according to Clennell. We're all hucksters pitching our beliefs. Martin Luther King was selling peace. Doc Agel's Master Lu is selling his personal beliefs. We all got something to sell. As long as we are all selling something authentic and good I believe in the process.  I'm presenting a lecture this week "Fail, it ain't so bad- Look at me! I have a box lot of my million selling  book "Stuck in the Mud" I' hope to sell a few copies of. How else do you think can live this large? I sell an aesthetic, a work ethic, a love of process, a way of life, a love of life,…

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