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Art never sleeps!

It's Sunday and it is a day of rest for the mudslingers. The studio is closed today. I wish at home someone would close my studio as I most often find myself working on Sunday. So with this enforced day of rest I went for my morning walk thru the Tuscan hills of grape vines and olive trees.
Today I will sleep, read, draw, walk, do laundry and enjoy supper with the students tonight.  Art never really sleeps. Today's walk and my drawing is all part of my life of suffering in the Arts.

There is evidence of wild boar all over the clay paths and roads that I follow.
The wild boar has become somewhat of a problem here in Tuscany as they multiple faster than our native Canada goose. A boar can have a litter of 1-12 piglets and they breed twice a year.
One of the most delicious meals I had in Japan was Wild boar pork chop with cole slaw. I'll take that over sushi any day. Here piggy, piggy Tony really likes you.

I got pictures from home in Canada from Andrew, Jen and Robin of snow…

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