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I should know better

I haven't written for sometime and I haven't made pots since early in April. My oldest high school buddy phoned me and said when you aren't making pots there's something wrong. I started back at the wheel today and it felt good. I haven't had much to say that would compare with what the smartest man in the world is saying. How can I say anything as sensational.
I was motivated to go back to the studio by some friends that bought pots on line and encouraged me to make more. Then Chris Snedden Past President of Fusion Clay and Glass Association asked me to do a 2 hour webinar  Makers Meet on June 14th. I'm inspired to put on a good show so back to the studio and back to the creative process where I have lived all of my life. You can sign up for the 2 hour workshop by going to my profile page on Instagram
Donate what you can and join me in the mud pits.

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