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The Curated Cup

It is of great pleasure to have STARworks NC ask me to curate a cup show in the spring of 2020. They asked me to pick 3 potters that a collector should either start a collection of cups with or  cups that should be in a cup collection to complete it.
I answered they would have to be cups with handles. The wave that hit America of yunomi's in my opinion was inspired by those that can't pull a handle. I have more than once publicly stated it takes longer to learn to make great handles than to throw pots.
It took me only moments to select the three potters I would like to present to you in The Curated Cup Show. I emailed my three favs and they answered "YES!". Hallelujah, hallelujah! Love y'all!
Without initially knowing it I had picked three potters that represent the decades of the 60's, the 80's and the 2000's. All are fabulous makers that are making work that has a signature- their signature. Instantly recognizable work!!!!
Each potter will make 20 h…

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