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Illegitimi non carborundum

I haven't actually physically touched someone since mid December. Lots of time on my own thinking about the past as I really haven't done much that is new and plans to do something somewhere are at best a dream. This is a major test of what it means to the power of connection. Physcial touch and social connection are part of being a social being. I had a Zoom Christmas and my grand daughter Olivia's zoom Birthday with family. Thank Gawd for technology- Skype, Facetime, Zoom and all that. Man, even a decade ago this would not have been possible. At times like this we need to come to peace with the fact that we are a lot like our parents. Lucky for me I loved and admired my parents. Their house was a home to many. It was a revolving door of familes from England, Scotland, Denmark and teenagers without homes of their own. It was a leg up until they got settled. The door was never locked and we never knew who would show up at the breakfast table. Got a note from Hester and

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