Saturday, July 26, 2014

Here's to you, here's to life!

This is my daughter Robin toasting life. We had a belated Father's Day evening on the town in Toronto- lobster and then oysters and a drink. I'd like to toast my ole buddy Frankie Tucker for being such an awesome clay supplier and award winning employer. Frank attracts and hangs on to good people. He knows when he has gooduns and treats and rewards them well. He asked me what I'd like in my star trailer for the workshop and I said a good bottle of top shelf bourbon and the sexiest voice on his staff- Ronnie. I love her phone voice and an arm around her was a payment bonus. She has been his long time office manager and has been joined by Rose. Frank couldn't stand me making moves on his awesome women so he had to show his face. Jacob has been with Frank  for as long as I can remember and always is soooo

super helpful. There are others on staff Kimmie and Micheal that I didn't get pics with but they are super solid. So Frankie here's to you!  Here's to life! You should feel very proud of yourself for building such an awesome team! I always feel like I drop in on family when I come to Tucker's Pottery Supplies.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visually interesting!

I have always lived in a visually interesting house. The house has always had something to keep your eyes interested. I like to make  the house

interesting and beautiful.  It costs nothing and very little time to bring Mother Nature into your home. The smell is nice and it makes you feel good about where you live. Some can live with bare walls, no art, no pots, no life. It says something about them. Hey phone the interior decorator, the florist and the painter to make my environment look like it's lived in.  Off tomorrow to take Andrew out for lunch and wish him the best at grad school. Then an evening with my daughter Robin at her pad that very much resembles her old man's. A place full of art, books, flowers and old furniture. Then on Saturday I am doing a workshop at my long time friend Frankie Tucker's warehouse. Come if ya can. It will be a blast!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pot as a gateway drug

I have come to believe that once you have tried your first pot it is the gateway drug  to heavier addictions. Since I collected my first pot it has been a serious habit that I can’t seem to get enough of. I have stashes of pots everywhere. On my recent trip south of 49 I picked up some really killer pot. I stayed overnight in the Pokonos with my tireless editor Lois Wilkins where she gave me a nice little coil built bowl for my morning grog. Oh, have I told you that my book Stuck in the Mud is

still available and now into it’s second printing.
Then on my arrival at Peter’s Valley I was pleased to see my Matt Schiemann jug had arrived from the Tableware Show in Alexandria, Virginia. It looks amazing with weeds from my garden. I bought two of Bruce Dehnert’s pieces. I wish I could have bought them all! I am a serious addict for his work. Tomorrow I will show you all the details on that one killer sauce boat. I also landed a Chris Pickett bowl that I am thrilled with. I saw his hand built t-pot and jar and was absolutely blown away.  Just say no!

Level land

Well I'm back in Level land and I brought some treasures home with me. The weed patch out the back is full to over flowing with the most beautiful weeds, so I thought my new Mathew Scheiman jug deserved a nice welcoming on my kitchen table. When is a jug a vase? Usually when I own it. I am thrilled with the pot and the beauty it and Mother Nature have given the man cave. Some poor suckers without any imagination would go to their local florist and pay thru the nose for a bouquet of weeds like this.
Wait till I show ya all the pots I brought home from Amerika. Man,
I scored some beauties. I had purchased Matt's jug from the Tableware Show in Alexandria and had it shipped to Peter's Valley. Let that be the ultimate compliment when the Juror purchases your entry. What I love about the jug is that it is of a functional size to display flowers beautifully.

Monday, July 21, 2014

During a firing a workshop broke out!

At Peters Valley I was supposed to deliver a glazing shino workshop. We glazed like maniacs on Friday and while the kiln was firing on Saturday I figured we should make some pots. I did a monkey see, monkey do throwing demo of a three piece jug and a three piece bowl. There were some mighty fine jugs to critique on Sunday as well as a car kiln full of nice shino. Now for the long trip home to Level Land. Love the hills of NJ- saw deer a plenty and a couple of bears.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saying yes when I oughta no!

Last night all the faculty at Peter's Valley gave a Power Point presentation of their work. I asked some of them to come to the Ceramics Studio where it was quite likely that a party would break out. The answer I got was that they were teaching and had to pace themselves. Gee, I keep saying yes when I oughta no! Both my slaves Brent and Patrick took turns on the guitar and well as Big Daddy Dehnert and Jim. A nice surprise was Frank on the empty water bottle followed by his playing of this weird Brazilian instrument that looked like a bow with a gourd held to his stomach. It was like Jimi Hendrix came alive in the mudpits.  I was in bed by 10:30 so I ain't misbehavin'  too badly.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sitting on the can at Peter's Valley

This is the wall of shame in the can in the Ceramics Studio at Peter’s Valley.  Hey, it passes time while you pass wind.  If   of former instructors. It is fun to take part in the guessing game.  On my way to the studio from breaky this morning a family of turkeys and a couple of young deer crossed my path. I will ask tonight for a good wine recommendation for venison sausage.  Food is afoot everywhere.
you can’t find inspiration in this studio you are a bag of hammers. There is a great bisque selection