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The closing of a ceramic dynasty

I got word last week that the Ceramics programme at Central Tech High School in Toronto is closing after over a 50+ year history as one of the leading spawning grounds for potters in this province. We can all thank Dug Ford for the abolition of art, music and libraries in this province. He is our wannabe Donald Trump who is the Conservative leader of our province.
Central Tech had teaching by Robin Hopper, Judi Dyelle, Roger Kerslake and countless other big names. Students include Tim de Rose, Kayo O Young and a long list of gooduns.
It's easy to sit here and say so what can I do? Well, you can protest. I don't normally use my blog as a political statement but this dude has put drinking cheap beer ahead of most of what I believe in- art, music, and books. Trouble is the numb skulls that drink cheap beer don't  go to libraries and art galleries.
They do go to music concerts but I doubt it is anywhere where words are part of the program.
Maybe that's not fair. I'm pi…

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