Sunday, July 29, 2012

Clay Machines

Here is a shot of my cousin Brenda's production of two piece wine goblets. The day started with her making chicken and dumplings for The Green Frog Tearoom at Pinecroft, then she made 75 goblet tops, took her 98 year old mum to the hairdresser, meeting at 2:30 with a Tourism Official, pick up mum at hairdresser, close the business, feed the horses and it's wine time. Next day more dumplings, throw 75 stems, trim and attach. Between the two of us we're a couple of clay machines. On those two days we unloaded one glaze kiln, loaded it back up and fired it again. Business has been brisk.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hamilton Pottery

Here is an artist's sketch of Hamilton Pottery that was located at the end of our street. There is an old Chinese grocery store there now that is destined to be torn down for low inpact condos. Hamilton Pottery represents the good ole days when our dishes were made in North America. We are located on the railway tracks so it was easy for them to ship wares on the old THB (Toronto, Hamilton, Buffalo Railway. Imagine how many people were gainfully employed making pots for Canadian kitchens. I first saw some of the pots from Hamilton Pottery in the collection at the Burlington Arts Center. Really awesome work.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Finally there is a course designed for those that actually want to make a living from their craft. Thru my association with Robin "Grass" Hopper I was put in touch with Alan Burgess Prof at North Vancouver Island College where I have served on an Advisory basis. Alan has done all the leg and grunt work and finally has the blessings of the school brass to offer a course designed for becoming a Professional Potter. Alan has asked me to teach a couple of courses at NVIC starting May 2103. In my opinion this is exactly the right course at the right time. Congrats to Alan!!!!!!!!!! If I have read the market correctly and I think I have there is a HUGE market for exactly this course.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Toning Your Bottom.

I put this ledge at the bottom of my cups which is a hangover from wood firing our train where I needed to get the wads under the cup so that the ash deposit( camel sneeze or walrus snot) didn't melt down and cover the wad or drip down onto the kiln shelf. Sheila said that my bottom was getting too big and I needed to put some shape into it. She cut an undulating line around the foot which I think relates to the band I have started to put on the cup. The band which I reference to beer barrels I like to make wavey and it is much more interesting than a straight line. Come to Tony's Fat Camp and shave weight off your bottom is my new slogan.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gone Agin

Captain Chad took us out on Lake Erie for a sunset fishing trip. We got a nice catch of perch for a dinner of swimmers and spuds. The Captain is the one with the magic hands as he kept the lid of the cooler lid going up and down like a toilet seat at a party.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Happy Canada Day, eh! I'm a week late with this post since it appears my Picassa album somewhere up in space is full and now I have to start paying a monthly fee. It has been a good long free ride so at $2.49 a month it is worth the money to keep my diary of sorts. We live on Canada Street and it was Canada Day so all the neighbours are having parties. The street is closed and there is basketball, pudding eating contests, wine, beer, hotdogs, burgers and friendship. This is a great place to live. A community! A place were people look after people. Yes, that still exists in this world. I am lucky to be part of it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey Ron!

Hey Ron! How are they doing? I threw a bunch of bowls for my Introductory Throwing class at OCADU, slipped them and gave them the assignment to decorate them. If they could only just get that strong foundation of making under their belts there would be some serious competition for sgrafitto expert Ron Philbeck. Hey there would be serious competition for all of us. I think I'll hire one or two of them to make me look good.