Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Flipper

There have been a few enquiries about the jiggering process that I am doing over at my friends Don and Maureen Ross's studio. Don is said he is now having a hard time considering himself middle age so has to come up with methods to handle the macho jobs. this mould along with the clay is too hard and heavy to flip. Here is the process. i carry out this big slab wrapped around my body. It's the only way I can lift it. I lay it in the mould, roll up the sides of the slab to thicken it there and then sponge the clay down into the foot ring, I then add a huge hamburger of clay to the middle and beat it with my fist to cover up the indent where I pushed the foot down. I then proceed to jigger the plate. i then lift it over to the flipper and c-clamp in place. If I leave one rod in the flipper I only have to pick up the one end. I lift, put in place, put a bat on top and flip it over. Notice the stick that hangs down to stop the thing from going all the way around. I hope this makes sense. I have taken to drying the pieces right side up as I found that laying them down on their rims was flattening them too much.