Back to School

So you want to go back to school and the school you have your heart set on is 2100 miles from your life and love. My little Toyota Tacoma was littered with maps, documents for immigration, water, coffee, camera, sheep skin rug for warmth in case of problems. My glove box has the candles , matches, and the dreaded cell phone. The drive across the midwest is smooth sailing with the roads littered with deer carcasses. I'm sure I saw hundreds of bodies by the roadside. This is enough to get me off the road by night fall.
For me the most breath taking part of the trip is when you go over Elk Pass in the Rockies and hit the Continental Divide in Wyoming. There is nothing but tumble weed and dust for hundreds of miles but the landscape is alive with coyotes, elk, antelope, deer, hawks and cowboys. Well, even the women in Wyoming wear Stetsons. I saw hundreds of antelope and here is a pic a small herd of maybe a dozen. The truckers are the heartbeat of America. I met one trucker thinkin' about hangin er up because of rising fuel costs- $1200 to fill his rig-ouch!
I arrived in Logan, Utah at my buddies place where I'm staying for the summer. It's called Tony's Brew Temple. It's the best temple in town in my opinion. Trevor is a consumate brewmaster and he has shared his brewery with me for the summer. Trevor and his wife Donna have gone out of their way to be make me comfortable for the summer. Friends 4 life!


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