The Desert Fox

This past weekend we had the ceramic team of Sandy Simon and Bob Brady do a workshop at USU. I have long been a fan of Sandy's handles and so was anxious to see her demo. She is a prolific and thoughtful maker. She had some good dialogue about operating Trax Gallery.
Bob Brady was a force to watch. The pinched chair/human form he made from 10 in the morning till noon. His finger pinching is like watching Jerry Lee Lewis play the piano. The shishkabob sticks you see in the middle of the piece is to give it integrity so that he can keep on building up and up. I'm going to use them to keep the my work puffed out.
Bob was born in Reno, Nevada(desert country) so he has this pension for throwing without the use of water- no water!!!! He bangs his fist into the ball of clay to open it and then throws dry using two ribs. He gets a really nice rim. Once this hand building gig of mine is over I'm going to give it a go.


or, you will be super deadly and combine a variety of methods like loosey Brucey...and which point you will have a show called Operation Shock and Awe..heh
Linda Starr said…
That's a whole lotta pinching going on - shish-ka-bobs - I'll have to try that. thx for the great photos and post.

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