Moss doesn't grow on a firing kiln

Over the past 3 years our life has been hectic with me back and forth to USU, Logan, Utah, China, Italy, and teaching all over North America. Our little shop is sadly missing some wood fired work from our train kiln. Here is a pic of the moss on the top of the bourry box. Sheila and I are planning a firing with in the next week or so and always seem to start with cups. Sheila is making some sweet little cups that fit deep into the well of the saucer. I am making some larger cups with stamped sprigs. I needed to put a small cap over the back of the cup since otherwise the handle seemed to crack the rim where it was attached. We are using porcelain and since I'm not a fan of it I wedged 25% of our stoneware body into my clay.


Hi Mr and Ms Clennell,

Sorry we're not at an order yet, but could you set aside one of each cup for Betsy and me (Mine of course will be the burly macho one, Betsy the dainty one with saucer.
Hope it's all getting finer.
Oh, PS, I'm really starting to get attached to the new work Tony. I have to admit it's taken awhile, but I'm really growing into it.

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