They don't get better!

You can't find better people than Gordon Hutcheons and his wife Sandy. My ole cyber buddy Les Crimp and I took the ferry from Vancouver Island out to Denman Island to witness the firing of Gordon Hutcheon's anagama. Gordon is the real deal and is good at every clay/firing technique he approaches salt, wood, crystalline, earthenware, high fire gas, raku and there's more. Today at the firing was a guy that does it all. He had a community of potters, a squatters village with cooking and sleeping facilities. They had bacon, eggs and pancakes for breaky and a turkey was being cooked in the make shift firebrick oven for supper. He has learned a lot in the past 40 years of mud slinging and he gives back to the pottery community in spades. Bon feu, Gordon and crew. I hope your pots are blessed as generously as we the clay community have been by your enthusiasm for mud, water and fire.


such fun being a part of Gordon's firings. I am a blesssed mudslinger for surAnd the results - pretty amazing!!!!!

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