Life is a hurricane!

I just looked at my blog and see I have been absent without leave in the posting department. For those of you that think I haven't been up to much I got news for you. Sheila and I have sold our house and studio and have purchased a nice brick Victorian house with attached studio in downtown Hamilton aka The Hammer or Steel Town. We are two minutes walk from coffee shops, cheese shops, bagels, bars, wine bistros, train station, art gallery etc, etc.
So I've torn down my wood kiln and sold my Geil gas kiln. Bricks are still available if anyone out there wants to buy them- cheap!!!!
Oh yeah, another small detail is that I have accepted The Acting Head of Ceramics at Sheridan College until December so this will help in our transition to being urban potters. I'm very excited about this job! It is the job I had my eye on when I went to get my MFA at Utah State in 2007.
So last week I accepted the position, sold and bought a house, torn down a kiln and headed to Peter's Valley New Jersey to do a workshop. Since my mind was swimming I didn't listen to the radio and arrived to find out about the pending Hurricane Irene.
They say natural disasters bring out the best and the worst in people. Clay people are very special and we continued to make without power. We hauled water from the flooding streams for toilets and fired the gas kiln with it's atmospheric burners. We had a nice carbon trap shino firing.
This has been one big hurricane of a month. I hope it settles down so that I can concentrate on my new job and the move on October 28th. Yep, moving day is the day before I host a workshop at Sheridan for my long time buddy Robin "Grass" Hopper. If you want something done give it to a busy person.


Ron said…
Wow, busy indeed.
I hope at some point in the future you'll write about the change from what you and Sheila have been doing all these years to becoming 'urban potters'. I wonder about leaving behind those wood and gas firings (although I expect you'll have access at your new job) and moving on to electric (?) if that is the plan. ?

I am curious because this is something that I could face in the future. Moving from a rural pottery location to a more city oriented location. Also I'm just interested in change and how folks deal with it.

So anyhow, good luck and I hope you'll share more as time passes.
Dennis Allen said…
Congrats on the new position.Best of luck with the relocation.
Sandy Miller said…
A huge congrats on the new job! Really good to hear about the move too. All the best to you and Sheila on your new adventure!
Judy Shreve said…
Congrats - on the ceramic position and the move to city digs! WOW - changes changes changes! Wooohoo! Are you going to be firing ^6 electric? Can't wait to see your new stuff. Best to you both!
gz said…
Best of luck with the move. It will be interesting to see how your work evolves!

I must admit I'd not move to a town let alone a city!
Anonymous said…

and the move, very interesting!

BEST of LUCK to you and Sheila!

Anonymous said…
It must be incredibly busy for you but I am so glad you are happy. You two deserve it. If you need a strong back for the move, I will be there. But I miss you already!

LeeAnn Janissen said…
Wow! Congratulations to you and Sheila on all these changes, but congratulations to myself and the other Sheridan students for getting you as our new head!!! That is the best news I've heard in a long while!!! I'm very excited!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Tony! So happy for you and Sheila! Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit!
---Kasia, Patrick and baby Adam
Mea Rhee said…
Tony and Sheila, I am an urban potter, which I came to be kind-of by accident, but have grown to appreciate it a great deal. I don't think you will regret it. If you want a peek at what to expect, I recently wrote a long blog post about my location:

btw, I recently bought your handle-making dvd, enjoyed it a great deal, and so did my students!

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