World's Away

Sheila and her mum and baby sister Linda are in Scotland on a wee journey to the homeland. Her 85 year old mum wanted a last trip to the mother land. They have rented a wee flat in Edinburgh and are enjoying the sights including the magnificent Edinburgh Castle. Word is they have had a nice fish and chip dinner and washed it down with a Tennant's Lager. I'm sure a dram of the single malt variety was to follow.
I on the other hand have been up to my ying yang in paper work for the first week back at school. It has been a very hard landing since our support staff is on strike and I am doing the jobs of 4 people. So far, the program is up and going but I have lost all creative thoughts and wake in the middle of the night thinking of forms I need to create or complete.
Yesterday I found myself at the kick wheel trimming 8 bowls I had made

and talking with the students. We all enjoyed the time together. It was like being on a potter's holiday.


gz said…
They are in a lovely place.
It is one of the few places I go to and don't want to leave.
Nothing better than a carry out supper too!!
Anonymous said…
How lovely to see a shot of my old city too....i don't think i knew that Sheila was also from Edinburgh...that's pretty funny! hope you eventually get things under control, in your mind that is....good luck with the new job!
cheers, Linda

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