People that work

Gotta tell ya I haven't had much I wanted to write about with this job at Sheridan, planning the Hopper workshop, working at Pinecroft and cleaning and getting ready for our move to The Hammer. Every once in a while I get a moment to reflect on how how almost all of my dreams have been realized and that I am a lucky man.
I got a nice note from my young friend USU undergraduate Bobby Free that made me stop and think about how important it is to keep workin'. Bobby is busting his butt and making a living as a potter in an economy that is in the shitter and in the state of Montana that already has more than it's share of good potters. Bobby is like many of us that have hung in there. You work when you're tired. You work when you're hung over! You work when the fish are biting! You work when everyone else is playing!
I thought this wee reading by Ira Glass was worth pinning up by your wheel.
Off to clean my glaze shed. Rocks, clays, ashes, weird shit I always thought I'd do something with. I need 3 more lives to git all this here stuff done!


Ron said…
Thanks for the Ira quote, gonna share it.
FetishGhost said…
Contemporary classic... especially in slow times, us minnows gotta keep moving.
Sandy Miller said…
thanks........... wow I needed to read that. Feel like I'm getting there after 30 years of spinning pots and firing kilns, and still a way to go.
Your journey has been a good read to be sure.
Anonymous said…
That was a great quote!

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