Awake from a coma

Just arrived home on the red eye from Seattle. I don't do well at taking pictures at big events as I am so busy looking at the eye candy. I usually always come home without a voice too as I know hundreds in the clay community and walking 10 feet can take a long time with hugs, handshakes and pleasantries.
I probably come home without a voice in my work too as I look at lots and lots of work that I wish I had done or was doing. I have never seen ceramics as rich as it is being done now.

All the fuss right now is the CNC milling machine, computer design and industrial practices. The work that left me gum smacked is still being down with a wire, a rolling pin and a wheel. In Bob Brady's closing address it was heart warming to hear that in a room full of big wig conceptual art it is a functional pot over 400 years old that could bring a lump to his throat and tears to his eyes. Here is some wall art I liked and a big pot by Josh de Weese. Josh and I talked of our mutual admiration for each others handles.


Anonymous said…
From what I see in the pictures you have chosen in this post and the previous one, I would say your voice is loud and clear.
I'm just awaking from NCECA-induced coma too. Still pretty glassy eyed. Haven't been since San Diego many moons ago. This was such a rich experience and it'll take me a year to unravel it all... Just in time for Houston!... I enjoy your blog Tony. Thanks!

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