Georgia on my mind

Well thanks to my friend Doc Agels I did a workshop at The Spruill Center in Atlanta. I met Doc last year during a workshop I gave in The Catskills and he has become my advisor on all things healthy. We went to Fat Matt's on the Saturday night after the workshop for ribs, bourbon and beer. Doc let his hair down and was chowing down on Wonder Bread, gravvy and the previous day took me out for beer, sweet potato fries and bone marrow. Perhaps I need another health consultant. Doc and I went to the High Museum to see the Freida and Diego Show and guess who was in the gallery. Our Georgia friend Ronnie the Rat Meyers in the company of Voulkos, Viola Frey, Akio and Rudy Autio. Hey not bad company to keep.


Anonymous said…


you dont know how to be quiet.

remind me to not go to vegas with you.

All readers should be proud, Tony put on a great production and folks were smiling ear to ear.

Don't miss the op to see him.


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