A four letter word

Yesterday here at La Meridiana it was beautiful and sunny. We went for a walk in sweaters and at the top of the hill we were peeling off layers. There were little white daisies popping thru the grass.
We had a morning drawing class outside with artist Susanna Rigon in the early morning sun.
Sketching the Tuscan landscape

Sunaina from India had never seen snow fall and she went home to Casa Vista and prayed for it. Snow for this Canadian is a four letter bad word. News from home shows sub zero weather and a foot of snow falling in a day.
Today's little bit of snow has everyone freaked out and heading for the hills. Sunaina was dancing in the snow flakes. I may have to drink some Chianti tonight to cheer myself up.
Crazy woman dancing in the snow


Anonymous said…
Snow is beautiful, it's God's dandruff.
smartcat said…
Rhode Island is nothing like Canadian weather, but it’s enough to turn me slightly green with envy that you are in a warm sunny spot.
Anonymous said…
Some how I thought that you would be at the head of the Conga line dancing through the snow?

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