Be true to yourself

 I went to bed thinking I would get up and make some rolls with these slip cast birds as knobs. The slip cast birds was a phase I went thru a couple of years ago. I did some slip cast vases and jars with birds on top. My friends and collectors responded as it was so unusual for me. 

Today I woke up and thought naw that ain't who I am today. Sometimes you can't go back to the safety of what was successful and safe. Interesting people do interesting things. Interesting people surround themselves with interesting things. Interesting people don't follow the public they lead it.  Further to that thought - this is really hard. 

So I edited the thought of the bird as a knob. Then I had this jug that when the slip was applied to a wet pot  the back end sagged like a person that had filled their pants. The handle suggested someone trying to hold it in till they got to the pot. I was tempted to put a knife thru it's heart and kill it. I'm still looking at it. It is a very fine line between loose and obviously failed. I'm not sure I failed.

When you have a brand hang on to it unless of course you are Polaroid. Be safe and well my brothers and sisters of clay. T


Anonymous said…
Birds of a feather flock together
Anonymous said…
Becoming Your True Self
Decide what total freedom means for you. Only you can actively improve yourself and your station in life, moving toward the freest possible version of you.

Identify what you want from life. Think forward to the end of your life. When you're looking back over it, what do you hope to see? Try to identify what will make you happy, in and of itself, and what kind of a life makes room for that happiness.

Identify what is keeping you from getting what you want. Are you living your ideal life right now? If not, what stands in your way? What would need to change to get what you want? If you are living your ideal life, what would be necessary to sustain your lifestyle? Why aren't you doing what you want right now, today, this moment, this second? What's stopping you?

Identify the steps necessary in achieving what you want. It's hard to find total freedom and happiness overnight. It'll likely take some effort to get what you want and find your ideal environment in which to live your life. What efforts on your part will be necessary to getting what you want?

Surround yourself with people you admire. Role models are essential in finding your true self. As much as we like to think of ourselves as perfectly individual snowflakes, it's important to surround yourself with people who live as you would like to live, not to mimic their behavior, but to learn from it and apply their lessons in your own life.
Anonymous said…
Let Go and Free Yourself - "Just let go!"

Express yourself. Find your voice and share your stories with people you love and trust; friends, family or a wonderful therapist. Journal or write creatively. Create art. Dance and move. Make music or sing. Cook or bake. Garden. Release and share the unique spirit of light and love inside of you.
Haddie said…
The important question is- Did you have fun?
Anonymous said…
I have never understood why people want to slip cast something that they did not make. Taking credit for something that is easily reproducible....what is the logic there? Mass producing because you can't find your own ideas? Make your own bird and then slip cast it, or better yet, make 13 birds so each one is unique. Create a life that you love that includes others and be as true to them as you are to yourself. Well stated above, find the beauty in everyone and show them that you do care about them. don't ever take anything for granted because you never know.
Anonymous said…
What they said! Be true to yourself and to others. It takes little to be kind and build up.
Anonymous said…
Seizing Each Day

Allow yourself to act impulsively, sometimes. If it sounds good to you and there's no harm in doing it, do it. Breaking up monotony and listening to your own impulses can be a great way of keeping life fresh and exciting, and the same goes for your work. Live in the moment.

occasionally get outside your comfort zone and experience new things. Visit new places, try new activities, eat new foods. Explore the world and enjoy it. Play, explore, experiment, give it a try and your work won't become boring and predictable. Work isn't always easy, but you should find it fulfilling over the long haul.

Spend time with people you enjoy and give yourself good reasons to work hard. Celebrate the people in your life and the work you do, and your accomplishments.

Start living freely right now. The older you get and the more of the world you experience, the more one thing becomes clear: the only circumstance that's keeping you from happiness and freedom is yourself. Let go of your preconceptions, your hang-ups, and your fears. Free your mind by letting yourself experience the world fully and make each day count. Live the life you want to lead. There's no reason not to. Make the work you want to make.
Anonymous said…
“You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life.” ― Mary Oliver, Wild Geese
Anonymous said…
Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

Mary Oliver
gz said…
I remember Mick Casson, at the time of the exhibition Fifty Years a Potter, telling us about the gallery/shop that refused his new work as it was Different.."we wouldn't be able to sell it" if a potter's style is preserved in aspic! He was just enjoying his life in clay..their loss.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Replay....try it again.. might work this time. Especially since it was so important to you, everyone knew.
Anonymous said…
Why is it Important to Take a Rest from Social Media – 2020 Guide

One of the major disadvantages of social media is the depression and anxiety that comes with it.
Anonymous said…
8 Things That Will Happen If You Break Up With Social Media

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Anonymous said…
Am I addicted to reading Mr. T.C.'s blog?
Anonymous said…
You haven't posted in a week.
Where are you?
I check every hour on the hour, and you haven't posted.
Are you out there?
Are you alive?
Please post soon!

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