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 I ain't writing much these days. I ain't making too many pots either. It seems everyone is feeling pretty sensitive and I get it. All this uncertainty around us is unnerving.  I have friends that meditate to clear their minds and souls of all this crazy nonsense that has taken over what used to be our lives. 

I don't sit still well unless of course I writing or making pots. My mind is always thinking. I think there are different ways to meditate for different people. Meditation could be watching TV for some people. You step out of your mind and world into someone else's. I do meditation riding my bike each morning for 30K. I have a perfect record this month which means not skipping a beat- 30k every day.  Sometimes I sing out made up words that sound Russian. It is just me wanting to express my pleasure to the world. Yesterday for the first time I had a friend along for company and we did 35k and I didn't know the time had slipped away. Riding, talking, breathing, sweating, moving, and far removed from Covid 19. Although I thought it weird that a rider passed us going the other way and pulled up his mask as if we might sneeze on him. 

Potters think they are physical. They mostly are not. You need to exercise and make it part of your life. I now need it like I need a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. What I love about my Apple watch is that it has become my life coach. It reminds me I haven't fulfilled my exercise rings. The guilt inspires me to do it. 

In addition to the exercise I have been listening to Coleman Bark's translations of 13th Century poet Rumi. I listen while making breakfast. This too is meditation of the best kind. He makes me think. I know that comes as surprise to many of you.

Here are a couple of pots I made that I love. Look longest at what you don't like. It is from that which you will learn the most. 


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Anonymous said…
Lucky you in all this to find a partner. Most still wander alone.
Tony Clennell said…
Anonoymous: I didn't say i found a partner. I found a friend to cycle withi on a day. T
Anonymous said…
Sweatin' to the oldies, or sweatin' with the oldies?
Anonymous said…
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No wonder Quebec had the worst outbreak of the Corona virus in Canada!
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Anonymous said…
Just what you need Mr. TC

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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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