I got thrown a sucker punch this weekend that knocked me off balance. A friend said to me " So a potter has been your vocation but what is your avocation? I saw stars, I staggered and I leaned against the ropes in the hopes of a quick recovery. Thankfully my friend wasn't out to drop me to the floor and answered for me- well you do write!

The friend then landed some counter punches to my body by describing me as competitive and driven. This is twice in the past couple of weeks I have been called driven. I will admit to that but competitive I have never seen myself as. 

I am house proud. I have what some would consider a nice garden and yard. I do it! I don't love doing it. I have an eclectic house that I like putting together but I don't love doing  it. I cook pretty good meals but I don't love doing it. 

I am my happiest when I am making things. Making things could be pots, drawing pictures or it is writing y'all. It is teaching and posing questions that have others see stars, stagger. lean against the safety of the ropes and come out swinging. 

Happiness depends on where you end the story.- Orson Wells. I hope y'all find me face down in a ball of clay spinning on the wheel or maybe sitting in a chair off to the side of the firebox pointing and grunting my last bit of wisdom to the firing crew. I hope that last kiln has my best pots in it. 

Riding my bike has become a bit of an obsession. By looks of it there will be no going to the Deep South this winter- dammit! My friend Dawn has set me up with a stationary bike but it ain't going to be the same.

Thanks Dawn!

I'm ready tomorrow to clean up the studio and get back to work. The Boneshakers and moi have another firing planned for November. 

Don't forget I have a virtual Fusion Clay and Glass Makers Meet workshop on October 25th at 10 am on the making of 2 ,3 piece jugs and extreme handles. My workshops are not all about "how to " they are also about "why I do what I do!"  That's where it gets philosophical,  Hope to see y'all. Be well my Brothers and Sisters of Clay. "https://www.clayandglass.on.ca/page-1864022 


Anonymous said…
Type A?
Anonymous said…
Or type f?

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