Carpe Diem

I think it is the small details that seperate the best from the so what. It is the time taken to make something special. Mother Nature is the queen of detail and the closer I look the more I am in awe of her unbelievable attention to detail. The small details of your life are what keep it exciting and vibrant. Taking the time to clear the table, light the candles, put flowers in the vase, warming the plates, having a nice place mat, napkin, killer handmade dishes and a beautifully hand blown wine goblet. Is this Saturday night? No it's every night because every night is special. I can no longer make so what pots. I need to spend time on them just like my description of dinner. If it is worth doing it is worth doing well. You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.- Miles Davis If you attend to the details of your dinner you are more likely to pay attention to the details in your pots. I heard on CBC the other day that many anxious people eat many of their meals on the fly. You just have to drive by my local McPukes at noon to see the line up of cars grabbing some non food on the run. One of my fondest memories as a child was how my Uncle Jimmie closed the gate of the pottery between 12 and 1. My aunt would bring us a basket of warm bread, cheeses,veggies, fruit, some delicous dessert and we would eat it on a blanket of pine needles on the roof of the pottery. Lunch was meant to be enjoyed together not on the run. My Aunt had made a nice lunch to be enjoyed not goobled on the fly. COVID has been a horrible! What I have learned from it is that you need to take time for yourself. Life is precious and who knows for how long. Carpe Diem - live for today


gz said…
So what pots. That is a good description
Kevin Eggleston said…
Details...exactly. Be In The moment. You have certainly come a long way during Covid. So much is in paying attention to the details. Life is good for those that pay attention to the good things and appreciate them.
Heidi Bresni said…
Yes details. They make everything work better. And if we all tried to be the best we could be and gave it our full attention, what amazing things would happen. Love would abound, happiness and fulfillment. Maybe! But it is hard to focus on the details of what makes the
Important things important! And then something that could be so grand slips through your fingertips. It all depends on where your focus lies. Make your work better, appreciate your friends and lovers, recognize their needs snd wants for if you cherish them they will cherish you.
JLK Jewelry said…
What a winderful way to have lunch each day. Nature has so much inspiration in every detail.
Anonymous said…
An hour for lunch, in the business world that's an executive lunch, most poor slobs only get half an hour, any longer and you get dirty looks from your manager.
Anonymous said…
“Life is a banquet - and most poor suckers are starving.”
~ Auntie Mame
Anonymous said…
“Life is a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death!”

― Patrick Dennis, Auntie Mame

Anonymous said…
“What Are You Passionate About?”

Select something that genuinely excites you,
that brings you joy and gets you out the door to go do it everyday.

Anonymous said…
Is this the line up at an "ugly" beauty pageant?

Anonymous said…
'Beauty in the eye of the beholder' has a literal meaning - that the perception of beauty is subjective - what one person finds beautiful another may not.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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