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I can't wait to travel again!!!! ENERGY is a big word in my vocabulary. I like places that exude ENERGY, I like people that exude ENERGY. I like pots that exude ENERGY. I like work and exercise that exudes ENERGY. I want to surround myself with ENERGY to give me even more ENERGY. I met David Trueb in Italy while I was teaching a 3 month intensive couse at La Meridiana. Some people give off an energy that you are attracted to. David and I immediately clicked. I knew our meeting was part of a plan The Universe had cooked up for the two of us. He visited me here in Canada and the dialoque began of putting together an Intensive Workshop at his beautiful studio in Portugal. His brother has a lovely hotel Tres Marias within stones throw and David being a ball of energy has already built his wood fired train kiln. Contact either me at tony.clennell@gmail.com or contact David at claykitchenportugal@gmail.com . Bring all your energy with you!


Anonymous said…
So glad you changed that image. AK
Anonymous said…
Aren't you afraid to leave the safety of your cave?

Anonymous said…
Looks like a great opportunity, enjoy Portugal you and all the lucky participants.

Anonymous said…
A month in Portugal sounds like heaven!

Anonymous said…
June spells Pride month.

and now introducing Larry Buller, his art at first glance suggests the domestic, ornamental nature of ceramic objects, but upon closer look one discovers a showy, transgressive content that is conceptualized around issues of gay sexuality, the phallus and sexual fetish objects. These highly decorative pieces resonate with his varied experiences as a gay man.


Anonymous said…
"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." —Harvey Fierstein
Anonymous said…
hashtag #CancelCanadaDay
Anonymous said…
disrupt Canada Day events across the country.

use the hashtag #CancelCanadaDay in your social media posts to suspend Canada Day festivities!

Anonymous said…


Instead we will gather to honour all of the lives lost to the Canadian State – Indigenous lives, Black Lives, Migrant lives, Women and Trans and 2Spirit lives – all of the relatives that we have lost.




Anonymous said…
statue of Egerton Ryerson on the University campus was toppled protesters took it to Toronto Harbour where is was thrown in.
released a statement saying "The statue will not be restored or replaced."


Anonymous said…
How much are the extras- trip to Lisbon etc?
Tony Clennell said…
Anonymous:contact David at claykitchenportugal@gmail.com for details. The weekend trip to Lisbon is 400 Euros all exclusive. T

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