Beautiful or pretty?

Refired in gas kiln oxidation cooled. Same jug different cooling. This little test goes back to an article I read in the 90"s in Studio Potter by my prof John Neely entitled "Nice Cool". Most potters put all their attention into the firing of the kiln, close it up and go off for a nice shower, hot meal and some cocktails. So much colour development happens in the cooling. Just to experiment with the cool aspect I took a few of the pots that we fired in "Bob" Emma Smith's tube kiln. Emma prefers a reduction cool which means after you hit temperature you sit for another 10-12 hours stoking small pieces of wood into the cooling kiln trying to keep it in reduction. The colour palette is beautiful, somber and reminds me of rocks. I am currently enjoying my flowers and the splashes of colour in the garden. I took some of the pots fired in Bob and refired them in my gas kiln with a crash cool in oxidation. The reduction cool provides a rock that I am certain my flowers would look awesome in. The oxidation cool makes the pot beautiful but perhaps a competitor with the beautiful flowers. You be the judge!
Reducton cooled.
Flower basket on left refired oxidation cooled. Basket on right reduction cooled.


Anonymous said…
Is it a trick question?

It depends, some glazes look there best after reduction and some glazes work best in oxidation.

Glazes formulated for reduction, look like shit if the reduction is missed or fired in oxidation.

But either way, I always prefer a little bit of colour.
smartcat said…
Elegant either way.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Depends on what you are going for perhaps. They are both beautiful. Both very different. Although I want to love the wood fired I also like the refired. Ug, both look great. JLK
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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