Expectations- Ash and Barrel Invitational

Living up to expectations. I have hung with Bruce Cochrane, Andrew Kellner, Steve Corner for two decades. I have hung with Jen Drysdale and Heather Dynes Smit for a decade. I know their work. I know their work ethic. I know to expect to see some damn fine pots at this December Ash and Barrel Invitational at Fairweather Brewery this Saturday December 3rd in Hamilton. We have all worked together, fired together, laughed and been what I call a clay family. Now, I don't know what to expect from Mother Nature as she snowed on my parade last weekend at Amber Zubers Open Studio. The original idea behind the show that Andrew and Heather work so hard to prepare and present was Heather wanted to honour Bruce as her mentor and Andrew honours me. The four of us are unofficial core members. I am very grateful and honoured. I have told Andrew and Heather if I slip don't invite me. I won't take it personally. It is about the work and when I ain't changing and growing please cut and release. People get their knickers in a knot when they aren't invited. There are lots of great makers out there and this show is not yours-this time. When I first joined the Ontario Potters Association some 40 years ago they had a shop in a Yorkville a trendy area of Toronto. I would go there and look at the big dogs work. I wanted so much to run with them but I wasn't ready. It took probably 10 years of production pottery to get so that my hands would do what my creative mind wanted them to do. After you attain the skill set it seems a game of inches moving forward. No bolts of lighting just little sparks once in a while. I am thrilled to see some new young blood in the show. There is pressure on them to run with the big dogs. There is also as much pressure on the big dogs to keep the pups nipping at their heels. It's going to be awesome to be with my peeps and welcome the hungry ones. Stay hungry, stay foolish! Let yourself be silently drawn by the pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.-Rumi
I just love this little figure.


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Stephen Corner has been a full time potter since 1998. Stephen works with both porcelain and stoneware clay bodies.

Inspired by his love of nature he uses the natural environment to spark his creativity and imagination.
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Ceramics & Designs by Natalie Waddell


Natalie has continuously explored and developed new bodies of functional and sculptural work

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