The Ladies

There has been some talk of macho he man wood firers scratching their private parts and running women off the premises. What a bunch of truck and silly nonsense. With pleasure I'm presenting 5 of the ladies I taught at Sheridan College. There are many more men and women from Sheridan I'd gladly show y'all. They all had a go at wood firing and went their separate and diverse directions. I am very proud of their work. As far as I am concerned I recommend wood firing on several levels from historical to team building to the understanding of combustion. Sheridan is a 3 year diploma program where the faculty take pride in students leaving with top notch applied skills so that they start a studio or enter a Bfa or Mfa program.
Janet MacPherson- musician, studio potter, presently applying to grad school
Hannun Tracey Lynn- mother, studio potter
Lindsay Montgomery- Masters student at University of Minnesota
Becky Webster- mother, studio potter and manager of S and S Pottery Supply
Tara Lynn Franco- studio potter,Vice President of Hamilton Potters Guild


John said…
Excellent work, more of the usual high standard from Sheridan folks have come to expect. I take note of how well put together the forms are, boxes are seamless and smooth. The vace with lattice is a form Bruce or Walter would be proud of. Proof of good students and excellent teachers
Lee Love said…
We Don't Run With Scissors,
But we play with fire!

Haha. Macho. Check out above. See Leona "feeding the Dragon" at Craig's in New London, MN

below, Dragon breathing fire:

Lee in Keith Ellison's 5th District Mpls, MN

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