Bars and Diners

With a name like Tony people always expect me to be the proprietor of a pizza shop or a barber's shop called "Tony's Clip Joint" or something Italian. No one ever thinks it could be Anthony and not Antonio.
Here are a couple of my favourite Tony places. The kids sent a picture from Jamaica of my new bar. Looks like a civilized outdoor patio in January compared to what I see out my window today. When in Michigan Cyndi took me for my heart attack on a plate bacon and egg breaky at her favourite diner. I was blown away with the Fiesta ware cups and shard counter. Nice, nice, nice! And the waitress wasn't wearing a green outfit, didn't call me hun or darlin' and didn't have a bad prison tattoo of a rose on her bosom. It was a young guy that was friendly, perky, did his job well and didn't pretend he was just doing this until his acting career kicked in. He was good at his job and I tipped him well. It's a no brainer!


bfree clay said…
crista and i love fiesta ware.. those cups are super comfortable too!

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