Texas Chain Gang Chili Bowls

Hey nice bowl on that handle. I used to call these 3 piece bowls Roman bowls but I'm into a Texas thing right now. Anticipating a whack of CD's of Texan recorded music from a friend. Texas bad boy singer song writers are my fav.
I throw a low bowl of about 12 pounds of clay and then I add the top portion of about 8 lbs and when I trim it I add a collar of about 2 lbs for the foot. This makes a bowl big enough to toss a decent Caesar salad hence the Roman bowl title or enuff chili for Ernest Borgnine to have a rip snortin' time around the campfire after a meal of chain gang chili. I like the bowl to sit up on  a pedestal so that it isn't really functional enough to be used for oven ware. I'd rather make for occasional use than everyday use.


cookingwithgas said…
those bowls would make any chili proud!
Gotta make it big enough... Texas style chili starts with at least a gallon!

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