Thinking upside down

One thing I have found when giving critiques is that when you turn some people's work upside down it is often a  more pleasing form. I decided to make these bottles upside down. I threw a bottomless cylindrical form a wee bit narrower on top so that when it is turned upside down it will be the narrower bottom. I have always been more attracted to forms that are narrow at the bottom and grow to a broader shoulder.
I threw the bottoms and have attached them to what is the top of the hollow cylinder. Flip them over and you have a form that need to have a neck thrown and attached.


gz said…
looking at things from a different angle is always good.
When I do a platter with writing on I'll look at it obliquely, across from the "top" of the design...It can show some glaring faults!
John said…
Nice foot on the mug in the first picture!
Very clever! Lovely bottle forms...

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