Holy Smokie's

Pottery Supply House in Oakville near Toronto makes our clay. I have two custom bodies that they prepare for me. The clay has become so popular with our students at Sheridan and Mohawk that now they offer the clay as a house wine. You can purchase our standard stoneware body "Smokie's Hot Bod" which is a high temperature stoneware with the addition of some yellow iron for a nice toasty colour and shino seems to like the iron content. This clay is pretty well bullet proof. We throw it, put it out in the sun, bring it in and trim it and put handles on it and put it back out in the sun. You don't have to cover it, baby it and sit around singing Kumbuya while waiting for it to dry. We have them make it a little on the soft side for most but as I always say "the older you get the softer you like your clay". The other clay they make is our wood/salt body that is Helmer kaolin based and it flashes beautifully in the wood kiln. I can also get some beautiful blue/purples from pots placed up near the firebox. This clay is a bit more tempermental, I think because of the high kaolin content.  They are a good bunch to deal with and will ship to the US.  http://www.pshcanada.com/ Hey, if this reads like an ad it is. They treat me right and I treat them right. Win, win!


It looked like the guy in the video (from Lee) as using really soft clay! I did love watching how easily, assuridly he handled the clay.
You can check my blog to see what I accomplished today--not much with clay but other big happenings!
Fondly, Gay
Let me try that again:
"how assuredily he handled the clay"

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