Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obama and me!

Here is a wee poster that the good folks in Frederick, Maryland are sending out about my workshop with Barack OBama. Well, he is at Camp David the same week as I am in Frederick and the hotels are packed. Mainly because of me I think.
People have the impression that I have an opinion and speak it openly. Not me he cried!
I am currently working on a book called "Stuck in the Mud". I hope to finish it this summer. It is a compilation of short stories of my rants, philosophies, why's, what for's and general horseshit that I  have slung from day to day for the past 3 decades of mudslinging. I don't know if Grass is asleep or not but I will use this forum to ask him to write a forward for the book as he was one of the people that got me into this fix some 30 years ago. I now have 33 short stories and hope to close it up with 35+.



I can't wait for the book...It was definitely YOU not the president that caused the commotion!

Clay Coyote Pottery and Gallery said...

You can't run for US president...cause if he loses we're all moving to Canada---eh?

Anyway, call me or Betsy 888-737-4014. Have we got a deal for you and Sheila!