Cow pooh, tractors and the smell of smoke

Some years ago a puff of smoke drifted North of 49 that a fellow wood fire potter Susan Beecher was being shut down by a city slicker that didn't like the smell of smoke from her wood fired kiln. Being 33 years a country bumpkin I was all to familiar with those that wanted a house in the country without the smell of cow pooh, slow moving tractors and the smell of wood stoves. Along with many others I wrote to the town council in defense of Susan. I'm happy to say the flame is still alive in her kiln.
I am teaching a course this summer August 2-7th at Sugar Maples where Susan steers the ceramic ship. I am teaching a 5 day course called "Size Matters". It is about making bigger work. Don't get put off thinking you need to be able to throw gigantic amounts of clay. I just claim you will be able to throw three times what you are currently able to. So if 3lbs is your current limit you will be making some 9 lb pots. That's not to shabby.
Last years Peter's Valley tech Nick is my tech this summer at Sugar Maples. A young promising spark that fell off the wagon on his way from Utah. 
Let me know if you need some more information.


Julia said…
We run in to a similar problem since we fire and farm in a very densely populated city. I've found that I can only wood fire once a year to avoid irritating my neighbors too much, since they already put up with rooster crowing, turkey gobbling AND the smell of cow poo.

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