Polar bears, Inuksuk’s, wolfs howling

Just home from a successful workshop in Yellowknife, NWT. Hard to convince people that there is more to ceramics than wolves howling at the moon, inuksuk’s, and sprayed on northern lights. Having been in Yellowknife for a few days I’m blown away by the rocks, the lichens and mosses, the houseboats and the textures and patterns all around. The galleries and shops are full of pottery with inuksuk’s, wolves howling at the moon and nothing I would dare bring home to my bride as a souvenir. My hostess Ann an architect gets it. She does wonderful

line drawings of the harbor, the house boats and the wonderful similarity of Yellowknife to a Maritime village. Of course, she can’t make enough work to satisfy demand. Gee , is that a no brainer.


Anonymous said…
You comments are a little negative. I don't think you have to convice any potters in Yellowknife that there is more to ceramics than wolves howling Strange I can't remember seeing any local potters work with howling wolves or sprayed on northern lights. Yes some local potters use northern theme images especially in the summer months tourists are looking for something that reminds them of the north. I'm sure to make your living as a full time potter you have made items that sell rather than what you want to make. Oh I know you maybe refering to the commercial ceramics (made in China) that Canadian artist send up here to sell.
Your hostess is not he only one who gets it, others do have a brain.

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