Going Straight

It's reading break and I'm off to do a workshop at Pinecroft this weekend. I made some straight sided teapots yesterday. They are much easier to make than the roundies. I have never liked the look of wide expanses of stoneware or porcelain clay so I have preferred roundies with a trimmed bottom and glazed under the foot ring. I hope to wood fire these so the wad marks and flashing will help with the bottoms. Bottoms are the part of the pot most potters look at first. I have often been disappointed when looking at potter's bottoms. I know I shouldn't be doing that anyway.


smartcat said…
Being a potter and a totally addicted tea drinker I have an unseemly affection for teapots, in all sizes and shapes. I am always drawn to roundies in one form or another and I think they keep the tea warmer longer and let it brew more evenly. But that may just be my obsessive weirdness.
The pots look downright seductive....I do hope you will post photos when they are fired.
Happy Work Shop!
smartcat said…
P.S. There's nothing wrong with appreciating a nice bottom........I've seen pots rejected by jurors because of the bottom.
June Perry said…
Love a lot!!!Can't wait to see them fired.

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