Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 jobs

If you have been wondering where I've been.  I have some excuses. Sheila and I counted the number of jobs we have to stay afloat as two studio potters. I'm a Adjunct at Sheridan College, Ontario College of Art, work at Pinecroft 2 days a week, make pots, and travel the country doing workshops. Sheila teaches at Mohawk College 2 nights a week, makes work for Pinecroft, is doing some teaching of staff at the Hamilton Children's Museum, will be offering kids and hand building classes this summer at Pinecroft and oh yeah she makes pots.

We have a survey show coming up  next week at the Burlington Arts Center entitled- High and Low. It is a survey of our work over the past 20 years. Like life it has more highs than lows. The title was a play on our switch from high temp to low temp. We had 20 years of wood fire and only 2 months of low temp so there will be an imbalance. Oh yeah, and the week after we have the WHAT tour. West Hamilton Artists Tour were we have an open house and the unveiling of completely new work. Here are some little teapots I'm making for the tour. I love them best when they are wet with slip. I also like marks of process so leave my thumb mark in the slip.
Hey, we could use a patron so if anyone out there wants to support a hard working couple we could use a break. Ha, the only thing I ever got for free was a fruitcake and I hate fruitcake.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obama and me!

Here is a wee poster that the good folks in Frederick, Maryland are sending out about my workshop with Barack OBama. Well, he is at Camp David the same week as I am in Frederick and the hotels are packed. Mainly because of me I think.
People have the impression that I have an opinion and speak it openly. Not me he cried!
I am currently working on a book called "Stuck in the Mud". I hope to finish it this summer. It is a compilation of short stories of my rants, philosophies, why's, what for's and general horseshit that I  have slung from day to day for the past 3 decades of mudslinging. I don't know if Grass is asleep or not but I will use this forum to ask him to write a forward for the book as he was one of the people that got me into this fix some 30 years ago. I now have 33 short stories and hope to close it up with 35+.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I made some bowls for the wall and my love of metal hinges and handles got the better of me. Actually it was my Uncle Jimmie's half an apple design that inspired these wall hangings. Tomorrow they get the abstract impressionist paint brush. Two holes in the foot ring to hang with handle up. Here are some little candle holders and some wall bowls with the first bit of surface decoration. After bisqueing a decision will be made to possibly add more surface decoration and colour.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

No condome

When you are self employed you work thru the pain, the flu, the aches and the cuts. I cut my finger and it was a throwing day at Pinecroft. A Band Aid won't stay on and I didn't have a finger condome in my wallet or my tool box. I usually have a half dozen finger condomes in my tool box for things like dried out split fingers and the odd cut. The ones from my sharp rib are particularly nasty. So the McGiver trick that Bobby Free can send into CM for his free subscription is to use "Crazy Glue". Crazy Glue seals the cut and allows you to keep throwing.

I once temporarily sealed a hole in the oil pan of my VW Rabbit with the foil from a cigarette package and some Crazy Glue. If you can't find em' handsome then find em' handy. WD40, Duct Tape and Crazy Glue are a good emergency package to carry in your car.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Keys

Spring is here and I am  working a couple a days a week at Pinecroft I have been handed the keys to the executive washroom. It's stack wall and a one holer so it's private and if ya leave the door open the view is amazing.

Here is a pic of the studio and my morning commute for coffee in the tearoom and then again at lunch for my killer shroom soup and a caesar salad. I have the best of two worlds with city and country living.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Awake from a coma

Just arrived home on the red eye from Seattle. I don't do well at taking pictures at big events as I am so busy looking at the eye candy. I usually always come home without a voice too as I know hundreds in the clay community and walking 10 feet can take a long time with hugs, handshakes and pleasantries.
I probably come home without a voice in my work too as I look at lots and lots of work that I wish I had done or was doing. I have never seen ceramics as rich as it is being done now.

All the fuss right now is the CNC milling machine, computer design and industrial practices. The work that left me gum smacked is still being down with a wire, a rolling pin and a wheel. In Bob Brady's closing address it was heart warming to hear that in a room full of big wig conceptual art it is a functional pot over 400 years old that could bring a lump to his throat and tears to his eyes. Here is some wall art I liked and a big pot by Josh de Weese. Josh and I talked of our mutual admiration for each others handles.