It's a sickness, really!

I made some jars and fiddled around making handles. I started with the double strapped handle and thought criss crossing them would add visual interest. It really is amazing at how you can take one thing like the handle and turn it into your obsession.  I like making handles more than any other part of the entire process. It is a sickness, really!


really lovely..not too much at all.
carter gillies said…
Hey Tony!

I really love these! I've always thought you came up with some of the most interesting handles, and its obvious how much fun you have making them.

Question: Many of my students fear making handles. They don't like doing it and avoid it whenever they can. How do you try to get your students to love making handles? It seems like an intimidation thing, but its always amazing how a great handle can really make a pot while a poor handle can ruin even an otherwise decent pot. What do you teach your students? I'd also love to see images of handle exercises and the students' results of doing them.

Hope all is well!



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