Keep on truckin"

It seems there is better dialogue happening on my blog than the questions we received at the NCECA panel discussion. I have several essays in my new book "Stuck in the Mud" that address studio pottery past, present and future. I spoke to the fact that potters have always gone to cheap areas, gentrified that area and then it is too expensive so they find somewhere else. I moved to the country and grew weird. Started a house and studio with $7500. I suggested to the youth of today to keep on truckin' and move to Motown. Yes you can buy a house for $7500 in Uptown, Motown. Artists from the world over are moving there. Yes, it is probably a scarey place  but so are areas of my beloved Toronto. Hey there is comfort in numbers and as more move to Uptown it too will become gentrified, trendy and the place to be. I happen to believe in the word "Energy". Energy in people and the stuff you put in your car. The later is going to become more expensive and will create energy in areas that have been neglected like the Rust Belt. You can take that advice to the bank.


I couldn't agree more. I've been reading about how expensive San Francisco has become, and I say dandy. Move to small towns in the south, in the mid-west, in the rust belt. Hell yes.
Dennis Allen said…
Thanks Tony we all need something we can take to the bank.
WillowTree said…
Still lotsa space here on the prairies, we aren't easily gentrified and you will have to ship your pots to the cities but it's a comfortable life.
Cynthia said…
I read the following article a while ago and was inspired by this guy's account of putting down roots in Detroit.

It really did get me thinking…. Here in Denver, there are still opportunities, but they're shrinking fast.

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