Pink is the new Orange

There was this banner ad that kept coming up on FB to win some safety equipment from Husqavarna for your photo with your favourite saw. I had Christine Williamson take this photo of me and now I can't find the contest. Thanks, Chris!
Oh well  my picture was to suggest that not all those that use chain saws wear camouflage pants, and sport ball caps. Some of us gentlemen potters wear pink t-shirts, handmade Art Fawcett straw hats, sport Hiut denim jeans and Blundies. I could use the safety equipment to be sure. Once in my youth I wore shorts and Birkenstocks to do some chainsawing. I nicked my knee and looked down at it and fainted. Flat on my back. Never again!


As long as you leave the plastic cover on you'll be alright.
Dennis Allen said…
There are no small chainsaw accidents.
DropStitchChris said…
Oh gawd…I hope you find it!! Nice picture too, eh Tony?…Good luck!
Dennis Allen said…
If Husky doesn't want to use this picture Stihl probably does.They could sell a lot of saws by showing people how they will end up if they buy another brand.

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