Monday, November 7, 2016

I'm on Meds again!

It seems like it has been years since I was on the big time Meds. Here is a pic Andrew took of me finishing some Meds two summers ago. Still having a love affair with my Thomas Stuart wheel.
I think I made these Meds(Medieval inspired jugs) this weekend to celebrate my not being in the Guild Sale. Tried some double wide handles. 
 My last time as a participant at the Guild sale was probably close to decade ago. I love to retell the story of how my 5- 28lb jugs were sent home by the Standards Committee because the lip dripped. The drip got a bit of my lip and I have never returned.

I visited the sale on Friday
and was going to say nothing because that is the kind of effect it had on me. No communication is the strongest form of communication.
I likened the visit a bit like being a juror at a show. The very best are so obvious, the horrible are also speaking loud and clear and the gray area which is probably the largest segment you spend a lot of time trying to find the best of it.
I asked Cassara today what she thought of the show and the answer was “not much!”. She did buy an Emma Smith pot. Jen bought a vase which was actually a cup by John Prosser. It was crazed inside so he probably had to call it a vase. Smart thinking, John. I should have been so clever years ago with my jugs.
 I told Cassara I would like to see them load the show like a wood kiln. Take out a third! There was way toooooooo much stuff crammed into that place.  She asked “A third of the pots or a third of the potters!”. Answer- a third of the potters.  Membership doesn’t make you a player. Entitlement is a plague of our society. 

If I had the pleasure of picking a couple of All Stars, it would Andrea Vuletin- exceptional work and some very nice wood fired pieces by Liz Pasenow. I hope they did well! Their work deserved some breathing space in a gallery. I wish that show brought out the best in some very fine potters. It doesn’t! The lowest common denominator rules at the cash register.

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Unknown said...

Double wide handles? Oh wow, got to give that a try. Did you literally pull two handles side by side?