The Charmed Life

Sometimes the charmed life isn't so charming. Charmed lives are almost always earned. I spent last week with 16 students at Halliburton School of Fine Art, drove home unpacked, did laundry, mowed the lawn, dead headed my day lilies, admired the remaining ones, trimmed my hedges, whipper snipped, threw 24 large bowls for Brenda, repacked my bags and I'm now in Connecticut with 8 eager students to greet tomorrow morning. I am at Allison Palmer Studios in what is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. It is soooooo beautiful here.
But if this is the life you desire then get ready to live out of a suitcase and sleep alone in a strange bed. Forget your diet and exercise plan and there will be none of your familiar creature comforts at hand. Pack all your cords for the "Plugged Life".  Hearing aids, phone, computer,  and watch,
Ron's at work on frogs

Wish I could go unplugged.

Food and friendship

The bonus is that you make amazing friendships that last a life time. On my way here I met with Ron and Hester Meyers at their cottage for our annual summer fish fry. I met Ron when he and I were both giving workshops at Sheridan sometime early in 2000. We clicked instantly and have continued our friendship. Emma, Jesse and Kaite joined me for an over night with them. We all love as family members do. Our northern clay family that will head to GA in Feb to fire the Ratagama. Andrew will come. Steve Driver, Logan and Hanna from Arkansas are all always present at the family firing. For all of us this is one of the highlights of the year and we do our damnest to be there.
I think when I rest it will be all over for me. This is the life I have created. I get to see beautiful parts of the world and meet with amazing people. Allison is upstairs cooking supper for me. Gawd, how I do suffer!


gz said…
living life to the full and wasting nothing..
Anonymous said…
Alas, the grass is always greener everywhere now pot is legal.
Anonymous said…
What I need, so I don't have to justify taking ceramics classes at my age.

Anonymous said…
"The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware." Henry Miller
Anonymous said…
Will potters be made reduntant by 3d ceramic printers?

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