The Rat turns 85

Today I received an invite to celebrate Ronnie the Rat's 85th B-Day at the Schaller Gallery. It's just like Ronnie to share this occasion with friends. Ronnie is one of America's greats and he accepts that position with humility. He really doesn't see himself as one of the All Stars.
I met Ron when he was giving a workshop at Sheridan College in Oakville, Canada along with Walter Ostrom. I was doing a wood fire workshop at the same time. Bruce Cochrane my boss of 15 years had a dinner at his home where I met up with Ron. We connected immediately and have been friends since. I have learned so much about clay, life, friendship and love thru my connection with Ron and his life long bride Hester. I think Ron was about my current age when we met and we  have never missed a year of not seeing each other for a perch fry or a wood firing.
There is nobody I know that can touch clay and leave marks like Ron. Sometimes I get there and then I tighten up and make what is safe and easy to love.
I don't know what his secret is. I think it's love! Love of partner, love of material, love of life. love of friendship,  love -plain and simple. I love you Ronnie and Hester. So excited to have you as my friends. Thanks so much for including me. I am indeed honoured. Now to fire something worthy!


Tom WIrt said…
Beautiful post, sticky fingers. A reminder of what it's all about! Thanks.
Jeff Abney said…
Happy birthday to Ron! He is definitely one of the greats, and you aren't bad yourself, Tony! Have fun celebrating!
Unknown said…
Can't wait to see you work her in the gallery! It's gonna be one hell of a show!
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
"I have always tried to remain within the general tradition of a kind of folk art"

Marc Chagall

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