You're not the boss of me!

I guess I have lived my life believing " nobody is the boss of me." I've made pots my way and the lucky f32-ker  that I am I have had some long time supporters that have encouraged me to do just that. Don't think of me of a courageous maker of one offs. I make production work that is easy to make and easy to like.
Lisa Charlton and her husband have been amazing collectors of the work I wish I could always make. I sold Lisa a pot when she was 13 and made Lisa and Paul their wedding dinner ware 28 years ago. It was a 12 piece setting wood fired. I have never made another wood fired dinner ware set.
I learned over 30 years ago when at Wobage Farm in Wales with Mick and Sheila Casson that a potter needs to make "some and some!' Some for the market place and some for you. I have never forgotten to make for me. That ain't guts, it's love of the craft. If I wanted to do the same every day I'd have worked at the Ford plant.  Hey wait a minute that wouldn't work. I have always believed " you're not the boss of me!"
Lisa and Paul have a house full of me. Paul thinks the foundation is shifting under the weight of all my pots.  I really must get myself invited for dinner.
Thank you all for coming to my sale today. I have a couple of wild women coming over tonight for a beer. Christine "Woodstock" Torres and Cathy "Purple Hair"are due any time. It should be a great laugh. I am one lucky f32-ker to belong to the fine craft society. I will have to kick them out as I'm on shift tomorrow morning at the firing of Queen Anne. It is pissing rain.
Over 30 years of friendship and collecting me.

oh baby that is one fine jug
I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society. - Henry David Thoreau.


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Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Don't believe everything you read. Ask questions.

Anonymous said…
It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

Herman Melville
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