Leave the ketchup

I just had a great weekend with my peeps firing the wood kiln at Bruce Cochrane's. I have been making pots half heartedly but being there with friends inspired me to come home and make. I can tell I have far too much time on my hands as I am back to cutting 2 pots in half and putting them back together with gnar gnar. Some worked some didn't but at least I'm thinking again.
Funny thing is happening here in Ontario. My friends Steve and Lise have a beautiful home (Casa Beaver) in the Beaver Valley. I stay with them when firing at Bruce's- lucky me! Their neighbours had a hobby farm for sale for over 2 years- 2.1 million dollars . They sold it last week with the condition they move out in a week. Buyer said "Leave the ketchup, leave everything we want out of Toronto. It's called a Covid buy. Houses on my street are being sold in 2 days. People are deserting the downtown hot spots and heading for rural and recreational properties. My daughter in law Denise has been given permission to work at home. This is a game changer.
I don't know what's happening with my blog. It's nice to see comments but holy shit people seem to be dumping all kinds of thoughts. I guess everyone has too much time on their hands. Be safe and well. T


Anonymous said…
The rats are always the first to leave...
Anonymous said…
Zombies and Coronavirus: Planning for the next big outbreak.

The panel was moderated by Justin Hurt, other panelists were experts in fields that are not so commonly represented at SDCC. Dr. Greg Koblentz (George Mason University; Living Weapons: Biological Weapons and International Security), Dr. Gigi Gronvoll (John Hopkins University; Synthetic Biology; Preparing for Bioterrorism), Dr. Shanna Ratnesar-Shumate (Aerobiology specialist, University of Nebraska Medical Center), and Dr. Jarod Hanson (USAMRIID and University of Maryland Medical Center).

Ever wonder how we can translate what we’ve learned from our recent pandemic challenges into dealing with the next unknown, even the zombie apocalypse?


Anonymous said…
You don't own a herd of cats, do you?
gz said…
Good to see you enjoying clay.
Not surprised that people want out of cities anyway!

Moderate comments? I changed to that and got far less spam.
smartcat said…
Cool mugs, Tony. What about teapots to go along?
Anonymous said…
Freedom of speech and of the press

The First Amendment broadly protects the rights of free speech and free press. Free speech means the free and public expression of opinions without censorship, interference and restraint
Anonymous said…
When is it time to leave the cities?

Is it time to leave for the countryside now?

Or can we just wait and see what happens?


Think of how you can help your family and how you can help others during this time


Anonymous said…
Cities Will See Citizens Flee, Fearing Continued Riots And The Reemergence Of Covid-19

President Donald Trump departed from his usual tweeting and press conferences and hunkered down in a bunker beneath the White House. This left the citizens frightened and forced to fend for themselves.

Tired of being stuck in small, crowded apartments, as they were ordered to stay home. The restaurants, clubs, gyms, hair salons, museums, concerts and sporting events abruptly closed down.
Many people took flight to places that offered more affordable housing, lower taxes, better weather, shorter commutes and a better overall quality of life.


free willy
Tony Clennell said…
GZ: I am all for freedom of speech. Pray tell I've said some stupid things over the years. I just wonder at how my blog about pottery can suggest some of the things people write. If I said the sky is blue today it might inspire a post about Trump toilet brushes or farting. Dunno. Anyways I enjoy that people are speaking out. They read me so I read them. Be well in Bonnie Scotland. Best, T
gz said…
Thankyou Tony. We are well. I hope to be back in clay soon. Every year out of it hurts
Anonymous said…
Simple Witch Essentials: How to Make Your Own Wand

A wand is used for directing energy and anything to do with working with the element of fire

It’s a good idea to make your own wand because you will be putting your own personal energy into it.

Take control of your wood kiln firing with Wicca & Witchcraft.


Anonymous said…
Does anyone know a Wiccan pottery collective or of a Wiccan potters guild?

Anonymous said…
So how many cans of beans do you have to eat before you fire up the old kiln?
Anonymous said…
The 2nd wave is coming.

And some epidemiologists believe the second wave may already be underway.

Quebec will again fare worse than the rest of the country.

There have been some indications that a second wave could already be underway in Quebec.

Time to hunker down and bunker down, in that clean fresh rural air, leave the plague ravished cities now.
Anonymous said…
All I hear at night is gun shots reverberating through the night, from drive-by shootings and gang violence. If I could flee the city of Toronto, and get to the quiet and safety of rural Ontario, I would, it would seem like a dream come true.

signed run baby run
Anonymous said…
Just think about what has been happening in the past 4 years, especially the past 6 months, has it all been fake news, and has it been the best economy ever? Enjoy the rest of your year, even after November. You still have to wait for January to pass till you'll see any change happening.

Think of our exalted leader, Donald Trump, Denier-in-Chief.
Anonymous said…
Was just on my way home from a walk in the park, when I saw a bicycle drive by with a plastic box on the back that had the slogan US Postal Service. I thought that was unusual so I looked down in the box and saw it was full of bicycle seats. Well I guess there is one industry in T.O. that hasn't been hampered by coronavirus, the good old bicycle thief.
Anonymous said…
Love the diptych mugs, great experiments always call for more. Way to go, more please!

signed an admire of cut and paste pottery, or is that thrown and altered.
Anonymous said…
WE charity connected to at least three companies known to use child and slave labour throughout their supply chains.

Why would Trudeau and the Liberal government give these people a contract for $900 million.

Just another crooked charity and another crooked move by Trudeau.

I hope WE charity is put out of business, and I hope Kielburger brothers get jail time for running a corrupt charity.
Anonymous said…
So no one in the government vetted WE and WE to ME charities because they were the only choice?

That's no way to hand out a government contract.

But thank god the press is finding all sorts of interesting info on how the Kielburger brothers run their corrupt charity cash cow empire.

Of course Trudeau never got the memo, and knew nothing about it, just another example of how Mr. Dressup got played and lead around by the nose by the Kielburger brothers.

I say Defund WE charities and it's time for Trudeau to go, how long do we have to put up with this incompetent corrupt Prime Minister.
Anonymous said…
Think of all you’ve been through . How many marriage proposals made and accepted? How many children have you born? How many careers conquered?They will be there to care for you and I’ve you as you grow old. As those of us in cities flee to the countryside, be grateful for your partner and children,- and that you made the lucky choices to be with someone away from the city. We are heading towards your area, too many people here in our big city. We love Toronto, but time to go.
Anonymous said…
Can anybody afford a house in Toronto, or are you just renting it from the bank with those mortgage payments. Why are house prices so high, because of all that off-shore money laundering into Canadian real-estate. Who do you think really owns all those condos they are building everywhere in Toronto? And all those foreign investment corporations buying up apartments, and renovicting the residents so they can get new tenants and charge 2 to 3 times the rent and then flip the building within a year for a big profit for all their financial investors. Toronto is becoming a city that is unaffordable to live in.

So run will you can, except a lot of cities in Ontario are now charging Toronto prices for their rental apartments, can you say illegal price fixing, and house prices are being inflated far and wide. How far will you have to run to find affordable apartments and housing?

Oh and if you are wondering, this has a become a global problem, with money circulating the world and being investing and laundered through real estate.
Anonymous said…
Artists Colonies
Share the creative spirit

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Good luck getting there, the doors are now closed except for multi-millionaires who could afford to live there. May be as an artist they will let you take the ferry over for the day, and entertain them with your artistic vibe to give the place some of that artist lifestyle atmosphere so the place keeps its cool reputation.

You're only lucky if you got here in the hippy days of the 60's and 70's, these days forget it.

So where are the artists and craftspersons heading to these days?
Anonymous said…
What I always dreamed my million dollar dream home would look like?

One very tiny house was newly listed for nearly $1 million.
A listing for a sad-looking two bedroom, one bathroom bungalow on an overgrown lot.

Anonymous said…
Is there still free land available in the northern wilds?

I wouldn't mind a free land grant, so I could move up there with my tiny house and homestead and make pots.

signed fleeing the city
Anonymous said…
Dear Wicca

You can always find a few witches at most potter's guilds.

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