Rural China

People work very hard in China and they use almost everything that is around them. The bridges often have one lane covered with rice so that bikes and the odd car will drive over it. The bridge may also be used to hang out the laundry, dry fruit,nuts, slices of melon,hot peppers and mushrooms. Somehow when I get back to my room and look at the pictures they don't convey the beauty of this place. It is true that the people look poor compared to our standards of living but the produce is real and fresh. Rice is served 3 times a day so the growing and processing of rice is everywhere. I love seeing the people use their driveways and roof tops to dry the crop. The Chinese people are eating the 100 mile diet that is now all the rage in North America. The food is fabulous and fresh here. Granted the people work hard but I'm probably one of the chunkiest guys in the city.
The Chinese peoples bodies look healthy and you see many many very old people.
Here are some shots of rural China.


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