The Life of a Rock Star

So you want to be a rock star? This rock star is on the road for the next four months away from loved ones and creature comforts. Tonight I sit in a Motel 6 in Rock Island, Illinois with only you and my computer. Oh yeah, I have a book I'm reading on how to choose a place to live- "Who's Your City" by Richard Florida- how the creative community is making where you live the most important decision of your life.
It was a loooooong haul today but for a change I had a really nice Border Patrol guy. Maybe attitudes are really changing. It felt good to be greeted by a friendly and interested neighbour.
I am showing a pic of my aunt and uncles grave stone not to be morbid but to let y'all know I like to drop in to see them before I go on this trek. It was they that set me on this life's path and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for clearing the path for Sheila and I.
Tomorrow I set out for a long day and hope to reach Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is a place to catch your breath before you climb the Rockies.


Anonymous said…
Ahhhhhh the glorious quest for immortality is on its final lap!! Sorry I missed you b4 you departed - safe trip. I'll be in touch when you arrive in Eden .........



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