Loading the rig

Well I'm getting ready to hit the Mormon Trail for Utah. It's a long trip of over 2000 miles and the weather needs to be on my side. I have Terry the Toyota packed with some of my sculptural vessels that I have been working on this fall. I have seven of them packed in the back of the truck leaving little room for all my stuff. I made them so that the handles and feet can be put on with refractory cement and fired in the kiln. With handles and feet they don't fit into the cab of Terry. I have stuffed pieces of Styrofoam between them and tied them in with a truckers hitch so I hope they get there in one piece.
I have packed a survival kit of candles, blankets, chocolate bars, and whiskey. I hope that the survival kit is used only for comfort in my motel room at night.
I won't sleep tonight. Terry and I hit the road before daylight tomorrow


Russel Fouts said…
Good luck Tony, have a safe trip. How long do you expect it to take?

Anonymous said…
safe travels Tony lookin forward to seein those big pots come outta the kiln. Steve
Judy Shreve said…
Hope your journey is safe & uneventful - and your last semester full of your best pots yet! Blog when you can so we can see glimpses of your new work.
Happy trails to you . . . .
Anonymous said…
Hey Tony, called you today, and there you were, gone!
Spoke to Sheila,gave me your email address. I will be in touch, take care, safe trip, and great pots.

Pots made for the double wide...go big or go home...Looks like it's on. This is gonna be totally sweet

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