Old dogs,new tricks

Last night my buddy Bruce Cochrane and I went into Toronto's up and coming art district- Queen West to David K Gallery to see the work of two old friends. Wayne Cardinalli has been a production potter supplying gift shops across the province for almost 40 years. Announcement of new hand built/thrown work at a very prestigious Toronto gallery had me curious. He had a couple of black manganese glazed jars that I thought were exceptional and my hope is that he will take off on this new work.
My friend Judith Graham was also showing at K Gallery so it was a double hitter. We have a couple of Judith's pieces at home and I must admit to being a fan of her work for a long time. Her work did not disappoint and neither did her apparel. Judith always commands attention with her excessive jewellery and lady of the night pumps. Check out these shoes.
Pictures are of Wayne and his work and Bruce and Judith and her work..


June Perry said…
Those are definitely wild shoes. Can you imagine how they'd look on my sized 10 foot. It gives me chills just thinking of the prospect.
Great to see Wayne and his current work. I'm assuming it's Wayne, since I haven't seen him since the late 70's!
Old Dog said…
This is "Old Dog New Fleas" Yes June it is me. Late 70;s? no, not that old yet.
June Perry said…
You're a young un. I'll be 70 next month and Jim has his 76 birthday Monday. Where did all those years go!

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