Raku- The Black Velvet Painting of Ceramics

It's Sheila's final class of the year with her gang from Mohawk College. A raku pot luck was the event that was held at her student Audrey's house in the pissing rain. Audrey has a lovely location on the Niagara Escarpment right on Stoney Creek and has great kilns for raku. Lisa who is the pro at raku was the firing captain for the evening and did a great job. The students pots were glazed with all these sexy glazes like Rainbow, Crusty Copper, Pearl and gold lustre. It's not hard to understand why raku is so intoxicating as the pots are instant and glittery like costume jewelery. Check out Dave's redneck garden shed. It's a beauty!


Togeika said…
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Anonymous said…
Raku just doesn't get no respect.
Anonymous said…
Western Raku is just a cheap imitation of the traditional art of Japanese Raku.
But black velvet paintings will be making a comeback, and will be in style again,
after all paint by numbers paintings are being show in art galleries, as contemporary artists
have rediscovered them.
Togeika said…
Haha! Mine is better. No Lead so you can drink Orange juice in it. ;)

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