The Soo

If you think being a one man rock and roll band is easy I got news for you. It takes a lot of preparation, time and energy. A weekend workshop usually means 5 days away from the studio. Two days teaching, two days traveling and pot lucks, and slide shows and one day of getting ready and winding down and unpacking. I always ship some cups ahead of my arrival and pack a few pots as carry ons as well as copies of our 3 DVD's. This is no different than the singing troubadour that takes along some CD's and possibly some t-shirts. This is life on the road.
Sault Ste. Marie or The Soo is in Northern Ontario situated on the cold deep waters of Lake Superior. I am presenting for The Soo Potters Guild and hope we can all go for a swim afterwards. I once bet my nephew some KFC chicken( it was his favourite) he couldn't sit in Lake Superior below the waist. The little bugger did and Unc coughed up for a bucket.


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