Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

this past weekend I presented a workshop for the West Michigan Potters Guild at Grand Valley State University. Had a great time with my friend Cyndi Bacon Casemeir Johnson and the gang there. Here are a few of the pots that I made. Flying in the winter sure is a pain with clothes, de-icing, delays and worries about arriving on time to make connections. Home safe and sound and glad to have spent such a good time with my friends south of 49 but  further north than where I live.


Lovely pieces! Can't wait to see what they look like when the entire process is completed!
Unknown said…
Your work is amazing! Maybe another video soon??
bfreeceramics said…
It's like how hats get bigger going further south..do the handles get bigger going further north? Hey can I get a little casserole with my handle!
Tony , those pots are really nice
Ben Carter said…
That surface looks great at the green state. Nice to see a huge casserole.

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