My first undergraduate degree was in Business. My parents were very proud of their only son to graduate from university. They of course wanted me to go to graduation and wear the garb. Much to my disappointment my Academic colour was called "Drab". For much of my pottery career I pretty much used quiet, sober and perhaps a drab colour palette. This low fire e-ware is offering so much in terms of the colours of the bright lights big city where we now reside. We are now using 3 different white slips which all offer a different white- cool, warm and dirty. We are also obtaining a opalescent  blue from our clear glaze that we tried for years to master in a rutile blue glaze in reduction. We're inching in on an aesthetic here. Why did I think we'd nail it on the first firing?


John Britt said…
I am guessing "Jackie's Base" over a dark body. (lots of boron).

But thought you guys might like to try the Amaco Decorator colors, red and orange. They are for majolica but could be good accents.

I will send an image on email
smartcat said…
Just when you think you have it down, something else comes up!

I like Mason's zirconium encapsulated cadmium stains....there are so many different ways to use them.

I like it all but that platter is calling!

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